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12:38 Uhr 29.06.2012 Autor: pruchTB

Hi there,

ever wondered what a devildriver is? Well, those who can read and search may already know, but all of you will be pretty awesomely surprised to find THE devildriver himself aka Dez Fafara co-hosting one of our next shows. We recorded it last Monday just before he and his band DEVILDRIVER played Stuttgart’s LKA Longhorn along with AUGUST BURNS RED et al., and we’ll bring it to you in about two weeks time. Watch out for further news!

Here we have the kings of groove metal celebrating their new label deal with Napalm records.

Before we go deeper into the devilish pit, here are the playlists from our last show, which you can listen to again this Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. CET and again on Tuesday 4 to 6 a.m. CET on free radio Wüste Welle, 96.6 MHZ in and around Tübingen and Reutlingen, and via our live-stream.

playlist 17.06.12 // rr: 18.06.12 & 01.07.12 & 03.07.12

The Horrorpops – kiss kiss kill kill
The Lost Prophets – a song for where I’m from
AFI – the missing frame
Blaqk Audio – bliss
Mesh – needle in a bruise
Atreyu – doomsday
August Burns Red – internal cannon
Devildriver – shitlist
Heaven Shall Burn – black tears
Niowt – puzzled
Santigold – disparate youth

With all these evil, harsh, and poppy sounds, don’t forget the ooky sounds of darkness & despair and definitely check out the new albums by the Swedish goth rock BROTHERHOOD and amazing AMANDA PALMER

…and, of course, the other haunting sirens on our…

playlist 17.06.12 // rr: 18.06.12 & 01.07.12 & 03.07.12

Brotherhood – shame
Motorama – lantern
Joy Disaster – artemis
The Wars – succubus
Amanda Palmer – do it with a rockstar
Dresden Dolls – half jack
Bat For Lashes – siren song
Nosferatu – siren
Kiss The Blade – head and heart
Brotherhood – lost
The Mission – tower of strenght

shudders & screams,

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