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12:46 Uhr 29.11.2012 Autor: pruchTB

…rrrrrrrrrrocking riffs and rhymes and rhythms at the Trrrrümmerrrrbrrrrrrruch Show…

…yep, a lot of rumbling in the guts that’s what you get from leftovers from Halloween as there were marauding dead guys and zealoting zombies like ROB ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE!, THE DEAD END GUYS, WEDNESDAY 13, some punk and metal men…

…and LITA FORD, GIRLSCHOOL, THE GO-GO’S, and THE PHOTOS heralding a heavenly hymnic special featuring female vocalists from both worlds pop and gore…

…new bloods like BLOUSE, MS MR, LANA DEL REY, FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE meet up with artists extraordinaires BAT FOR LASHES, SINEAD O’CONNOR, ROBYN and their even darker souls ZOLA JESUS, KIRLIAN CAMERA as well as spheric US-goths FAITH AND THE MUSE (r.i.p.) and AUTUMN…

Playlist 04.11.12 // rr: 06.11.12

Ramones – we want the airwaves
Memphis May Fire – grenade (short)
Upon This Dawning – call me maybe
Obey The Brave – get real
Zombie! – if these walks could talk they’d fucking scream
The Dead End Guys – royal monster
Rob Zombie – (go to) California
Wednesday 13 – rot for me
Lita Ford – branded
Girlschool – bomber
Go-Go’s – the whole world lost its head
The Photos – now you tell me that we’re through
Running Wild – shadowmaker
Grave Digger – metal will never die

Playlist 04.11.12 // rr: 06.11.12

Blouse – video tapes
Bat For Lashes – winter fields
Ms Mr – bones
Florence And The Machine – breath of life
Sinead O Connor – troy
Robyn – indestructible (acoustic version)
Lana Del Rey – born to die
Zola Jesus – night
Kirlian Camera – eclipse I
Faith And The Muse – anwyn beneath the waves
Autumn – desert winds of jezebel

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