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ABBY Party – playlist 29.06.2013

17:23 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…and last but not least a little look back to the clubbing age…

Playlist vom 29. Juni 2013
„ABBY Party“

DJ Carsten & DJ Joni

The Bellwether Syndicate – All fire
All Hallows Eve – All Hallows Eve (2xT mix)
Aeon Sable – Dancefloor Satellite
Boxbury Beat – Windows
Martin Kleid – A Man With A Code Gun
IAMX – The unified field
Passion Play – As above so below
The Mission – Deliverance
Specimen – Returning from a journey
Blacklist – The believer
Tiger Army – As the cold rain falls
Nim Vind – Astronomicon
White Lies – Getting even
Dragons – Trust
Editors – The Weight
Blouse – Time Travel
Die Perlen – Die Cholera
Automelodi – Couloir Néant
Joy Division – Isolation
Grauzone – Schlachtet !
Click Click – Sweet Stuff
Die Selektion – St.Leonard
Francis International Airport – The right ones
A Flock Of Seagulls – Modern love is automatic
Men Without Hats – Antartica
Das Kabinette – The cabinet
She Past Away – Kasvetli kutlama
White Rose Movement – London’s mine
The Cure – Primary
Warsaw – They walked in line
Siglo XX – La vie dans la nuit
X Mal Deutschland – Begrab mein Herz
Lucie Cries – La peste de cristal
Sisters Of Mercy – Body electric (w)
Rosetta Stone – If only and sometimes
Love Like Blood – Walking in daimondes
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle – Shadowdance (w)
Escape With Romeo – Somebody (w)
Phillip Boa – And than she kissed her
Linea Aspera – Synapse
Boytronic – You (w)
Acid Pauli vs. Johnny Cash – I See A Darkness
Malaria! – Your Turn To Run
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Love In A Void
Crisis – Holocaust
Berlin – The Metro
The Clash – The Guns of Brixton
The Sound – I Can’t Escape Myself
Public Image Ltd. – This is not a love song
Ideal – Erschiessen (w)
Nichts – Freitag der 13.
Fehlfarben – Apokalypse
Invincible Limits – Love is a kind of mistery (w)
Pink Turns Blue – Michelle
Martial Canterel – Kiev Park
Fliehende Stürme – Satellit (w)
Soft Moon – Die Life
Bauhaus – Lagartija Nick
The Gaslight Anthem – 59 sound
Gun Club – Sexbeat (w)
Ramones – Rock’n roll highschool
Sweet – Ballroom blitz
Multicoulered Shades – Teen sex transfusion
Billy Idol – Rebel yell
The Cult – She sells sanctuary
Exploding Boy – London
White Lies – Death
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Israel (w)
Lene Lovich – Bird song
The Cure – Lovecats (w)
Alien Sex Fiend – Now i`m feeling zombified
Cancer Barrack – Cancer Barrack (w)
Ulterior – Body hammer
Ministry – N.W.O (w)
Nine Inch Nails – Head like a hole (w)
Nichts – Tango 2000
Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf
Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – Define
Faith And The Muse – Shattered In Aspect
Zola Jesus – Night
Ms Mr – Bones
Linea Aspera – Malarone
Vive La Fete – Noir desir (w)
Ceremony – Forever lost
Arnaud Lazlaud – Les invisibles
A Place To Bury Strangers – I lived my life to stand in the shadow of your heart (Cereal spiller rmx)
Toyah – Echo beach
Hubert Kah – Rosemarie (w)
Trio – Los Paul
DAF – Alle gegen alle
Dakar+Grinser – I wanna be your dog
Blue Angel Lounge – Caught crow
The Silence Industry – The colour of heaven

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