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22:19 Uhr 03.07.2016 Autor: pruchTB

…another late afternoon out in the studio saw us spin some Great Ole Ones and news, newbies, and favourites from various cradles and crypts…

Big brother TRÜMMERBRUCH featuring BAD RELIGION jingling the bells after their visit to Stuttgart a week ago, a PIXIES double feature back then and (almost) now, a kick from the TRÜMMERBRUCH past administered by THE ALMIGHTY and Metal Maniac KAI HANSEN unisonic with GAMMA RAY and HELLOWEEN, pretty posh punkrock from THE BLOODTYPES (again, I know!), STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, and THE BONES heralding their upcoming tour… and… well, you can read, can you…

playlist 03.07.2016 // rr: 05.07.2016

Bad Religion – Hark! The Herald Angel Sings / Christmas Songs
The Almighty – I’m In Love With Revenge / The Almighty 2000
Pixies – Debaser / Doolittle 1989
Pixies – Snakes / Indy Cindy 2013
Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster / Inflammable Material 1979
Dust Bold – Mind The Gap / Mass Confusion 2016
Machine Head – Bite The Bullet / Through The Ashes Of Empire 2003
Bleached – Keep On Keepin‘ On / Welcome The Worms 2016
The Bloodtypes – Panic / Pull The Plug 2015
Gamma Ray – Welcome & Lust For Life / Heading For Tomorrow 2015 (Remaster)
Helloween – Heavy Metal Is The Law / Judas 1987
The Bones – Bigger Than Jesus / Flash The Leather 2015
Metallica – Die die My Darling / Garage Inc. / 1998


…for the darker part of the day, we found new friends, foes, and fiends in pop, post, and prog… e.g. THE KILLS and JENNIE VEE with their new albums, WHITE LIES with the first new single from their upcoming „Friends“ album, KLAMMER from their self-tited second album, THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, Canada rocked by the greatest rock album title „Those Who Were Hung Hang Here“ by UNCUT, MICHAEL GIRA announcing the last album and the last tour of the current incarnation of the SWANS, another look into KILLING JOKE’s „Pylon“, early pearls from JUNIUS and MIA, and new ones spawned by STEREO TOTAL and BAT FOR LASHES… well, did I forget anybody?


playlist 03.07.2016 // rr: 05.07.2016

The Kills – Bitter Fruit / Ash & Ice 2016
Jennie Vee – Spying / Spying 2016
White Lies – Take It Out On Me / Friends 2016
Klammer – Power Of N /Klammer 2016
The Jesus And Mary Chain – Cracking Up / Munki 1998
Uncut – St. Petersburg / Those Who Were Hung Hang There 2004
Swans – Finally, Peace / The Glowing Man 2016
Killing Joke – New Jerusalem / Pylon 2015
Junius – In The Heart Of Titans / Junius 2008
Stereo Total – Zu Schön Für Dich / Les Hormones 2016
Mia – Skandal / Hieb & Stichfest 2002
Bat For Lashes – Widow’s Peak / The Bride 2016

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