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12:27 Uhr 05.12.2016 Autor: pruchTB

Trümmerbruch & Traumatic Descent – a journey into darkness, Dec 4, 2016


Hello Darkness, my old f…,


Well, alright, we may go back far enough, but you’re quite a bit older than any friends or fiends we know. Except maybe for the light. But that’s another story for another day.


That dark day in December 2016, as darkness was falling, we were waiting for darkness, we made ready for some darkness at the speed of darkness for living in darkness was taking us closer to the suffocating darkness we saw within and without. And in between all this darkness, there burnt a flame, alas, but James and his brothers sent in a moth and killed the flickering fire. And so Darkness fell. Time and again. You wanted it darker, didn’t you, to feel the power within the deepest darkness, to see the mercy darkness brings before dawn, or to take the dark train as soon as your eyes got used to the darkness. And light.


This was part one of a musical journey into darkness. Darkest thanks for their even darker contributions go out to Turbonegro, Flogging Molly, Agent Orange, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, Leonard Cohen (RIP), Johnny Cash (you, too), The Pretty Reckless, Machine Head, Metallica, Boney M., Soulburn, and Ozzy Osbourne, as well as to In Death It Ends, Abigail Williams, Nick Phoenix & Thomas Bergersen, Leonard Cohen, The Mission, Two Steps From Hell, Killing Joke, Nosferatu, Solemn Novena, New Model Army, John Sinclair, Revenge Of The Nephtys, and Rosetta Stone for their transitional piece of Darkness And Light.


playlist 04.12.2016 // 06.12.2016

Turbonegro – Are you ready (for some darkness) / Apocalypse Dudes 1998
Flogging Molly – Speed Of Darkness / Speed Of Darkness 2011
Agent Orange – Living In Darkness / Living In Darkness 1981
Paradise Lost – To The Darkness / Tragic Idol 2012
Lacuna Coil – Trip The Darkness / Dark Adrenaline 2012
Leonard Cohen – Darkness / Old Ideas 2012
Johnny Cash – I See A Darkness / American III: Solitary Man 2000
The Pretty Reckless – Burn / Going to Hell 2014
Machine Head – The Darkness Within / Unto The Locust 2011
Metallica – Moth Into Flame / Hardwired 2016
Boney M. – Darkness Is Falling / Christmas With Boney M.
Soulburn – In Suffocating Darkness /
Ozzy Osbourne – Waiting For Darkness / Bark At The Moon 1983


playlist 04.12.2016 // 06.12.2016

In Death It Ends – Darkness Falls / Forgotten Knowledge 2012
Abigail Williams – Three Days Of Darkness /
Nick Phoenix & Thomas Bergersen – Mercy In Darkenss /
Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker / You Want It Darker 2016
The Mission – Within The Deepest Darkness / Another Fall From Grace 2016
Two Steps From Hell – Power Of Darkness / Power Of Darkness 2010
Killing Joke – Darkness Before Dawn / Night Time 1985
Nosferatu – Darkness Brings / Lord of the Flies 1998
Solemn Novena – As Darkness Falls / As Darkness Falls 2006
New Model Army – Eyes Get Used To The Darkness / Winter 2016
John Sinclair – (Intro) / The Lord Of Death 2015
Revenge Of The Nephtys – Take The Dark Train / V.A. The Second Wave 2016
Rosetta Stone – Darkness And Light

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