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12:04 Uhr 19.12.2016 Autor: pruchTB

Straight into the light?


No, we didn’t go there, not just yet.  After ending our journey into darkness last two weeks ago, we set out to see the white light as we recognized the deep light burning in the shadows. And it was only after hitting all the city lights that we finally spotted that one bright traveling light in the black that still lights the way. Was it yours? Or was it a red light goddess behind a veil of light, lightsick in the first light of the shining star? Is it the one that never goes out? And what about about the city lights? Will they ever come on again? Well, we’ll just wait for her light.


This was part two of a musical journey from darkness into the light. Many thanks for their illuminating contributions go out to: New Model Army, Valley Of The Sun, Coal Chamber, Maximo Park, Interpol, Metallica, Ronnie James Dio, Lords Of The Trident, Placebo, Wolfmother, Leonard Cohen, The Silence Industry, Terminal Gods, Monographic, Veil Of Light, Karyn Crisis‘ Gospel Of The Witches, Zola Jesus, The Eden House, Ceremony, The Lost Rivers, The Smiths, Deadbolt.


playlist 18.12.2016 // rr: 20.12.2016, 01.01.2017, 03.01.2017

New Model Army – White Light / The Love Of Hopeless Cases 1993
Valley Of The Sun – Deep Light Burns / The Sayings of the Seers 2011
Coal Chamber – Light In The Shadows / Rivals 2015
Maximo Park – I Recognize The Light / Too Much Information 2014
Interpol – Lights / Interpol 2010
Metallica – Ronnie Rising Medley (feat. A Light In The Black, Tarot Woman, Stargazer & Kill The King / Hardwired 2016
Metallica – Hit The Lights / Kill Em All 1983
Lords Of The Trident – Light This City / Frostburn 2015
Placebo – Bright Lights / Battle For the Sun 2010
Wolfmother – City Lights / Victorious 2016
Leonard Cohen – Traveling Light / You Want It Darker 2016


playlist 18.12.2016 // rr: 20.12.2016, 01.01.2017, 03.01.2017

The Silence Industry – Yours Is The Light / The Maw Of Sleep 2012
Terminal Gods – Red Light Love / Outlaw Love: Five Years Outside The Law 2016
Monographic – The Light / Monographic 2016
Veil Of Light – Light / Ursprung
Karyn Crisis‘ Gospel Of The Witches – Goddess Of Light / Salem’s Wounds 2015
Zola Jesus – Lightsick / Stridulum II 2010
The Eden House – First Light / Half Life 2013
Ceremony – Shining Light And Star / Distance
The Lost Rivers – City Lights / Sin And Lostness 2012
The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / The Queen Is Dead 1986
Deadbolt – When The Lights Come On / I Should Have Killed You
New Model Army – Lights Go Out / The Ghost of Cain 1986

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