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Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 31.12.2017

13:42 Uhr 01.01.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Another leitmotif, unfortunately not exclusively to that past year: post. Everything is called post something these days while actually everything is and is not at the same time. Instead, being back was back again in 2017. Or at least someone’s was; for all we know back from Gehenna. Sadly enough, that would be the nicest way to put it. Anyway, the sequel in its many forms has spoiled 2017 in so many ways, with reinforced isms like styl-, rac-, national-, fanat-, and all other sorts of extrem- and stupidism releasing myriad episodes of bad old mojo disguised as the new shit. As have moviemakers and tv-show writers, of course, plus musicians, and those practioners of the other arts and technologies, despite some well intended and ill received efforts here and there, ok, granted. Not all was rubbish, some will say. How sad would that be. Speaking of sad, still so many seem to be looking for a life to loose, trying out this old school and that new church, but who’s there to stand and deliver? Oh, yes, I forgot about her, sorry. Who her? Well, that’s a secret I might share with you if you meet me in that meeting place, you know, this place called nowhere. I’m sure, they’ll also have a nice floor for your sweet dancing butterfly, probably close to that wall of faces you’ll have to face before kissing the ground after dancing in the mirror to escape that comatic romance at the hotel roma. Any other questions, comments, coming outs? Well, evil comes in many forms. Your secret’s safe with me. Enough of the negativity. 1918 is back. What do you cry for?

Playlist 31.12.2017 // rr: 05.01.2018

Fields Of The Nephilim – The Sequel / Dawnrazor 1987
The Bolshoi – Looking For A Life To Lose / Friends 1986
The Lords Of The New Church – New Church / The Lords Of The New Church 1982
Adam & The Ants – Stand and Deliver / Prince Charming 1981
Nouvelle Phénomène – Secret / Glory Of Romance 2013
Indians In Moscow – Meeting Place / Indians In Moscow 1984
Box And The Twins – This Place Called Nowhere / Everywhere I Go Is Silence 2016
Der Himmel Über Berlin – Sweet Dancing Butterfly / 2012
Silent Age – Wall Of Faces / Demo2016
Drab Majesty – Kissing The Ground / The Demonstration 2017
Burning Gates – Dancing In The Mirror / Shadows Of The Past : A Retrospective 1995-2001 2015
The Wraith – Comatic Romance / Shadow Flag – EP 2017
Varsovie – Hotel Roma / L’Heure Et La Trajectoire 2014

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