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Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 31.12.2017

13:40 Uhr 01.01.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Everybody does it, did it, didn’t you? So do you feel the need for yet another retrospective? Naa, I don’t. There’s enough confusion and frustration in modern times already, so we’d rather help you breakin‘ outta hell, all you metalpunkpostgothwaveindie blokes outta there. Too down under for you? You wish you were anywhere but here? Well, just ask your daughter. She’ll speak up, take revenge, and she’ll surely show the world what love is on a hell night. But wait, that’s no reason to become a murderer. That would be the end for you and all your friends. So this ends here, ok? Don’t be stupid. The death drive will only lead to panic. So don’t. Panic.

Playlist 31.12.2017 // rr: 05.01.2018

Sum 41 – Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times / Underclass Hero 2007
Airbourne – Breakin‘ Outta Hell / Breakin‘ Outta Hell 2016
Black Aces – Anywhere But Here / Anywhere But Here 2017
Doll Skin – Daughter / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2017
The Ramonas – Speak Up / You Asked For It 2016
Lustkillers – Revenge / That Which Does Not Kill Us… 2012
Dead Boys – What Love Is / Young Loud and Snotty 1977
FKÜ – Hell Night / Hell Night 2017
Helloween – Murderer / Walls of Jericho 1987
Alice Cooper – You And All Your Friends / Paranormal 2017
Audrey Horne – This Ends Here / Youngblood 2013
Rome Is Not A Town – Stupid / 2015
FUR – The Death Drive / Closing the Loop 2017
Anathema – Panic / A Fine Day To Exit 2001

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