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Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 10.03.2019

16:59 Uhr 10.03.2019 Autor: pruchTB

…another week of strange sounds and sights… …some new, some old, some so 80s, some missed live on tour, others coming up… well, at least make sure to catch Brutus in April/May.. oh, and The Kut will stop by in Stuttgart, close to radio home…

…speaking of Stuttgart, we took an interesting trip to the depths of modern art thanks to Staatsgalerie Stuttgart…

I want to believe… well, or go to Stuttgart Staatsgalerie once in a while to visit the very room Duchaump’s anti-art of art was displayed until March 10…

…an unlisted alien object at Stuttgart’s Duchaump exhibition… looks authentic enough to me, but he didn’t sign it, so it may not be art after all… or is it?


…and now back to music…

Playlist 10.03.2019 // rr: 15.03.2019

The Kut – I’m Vain / 2019
Krashkarma – Don’t Give War A Chance / 2018
Black Label Society – Bored Too Tears / Sonic Brew 1999
Valley Of The Sun – Hearts Aflame / The Saying Of the Seers 2011
Brutus – Horde / Major / Bye Julia (Triptych EP) 2015
Esben And The Witch – Darkness – I Too Am Here / Nowhere 2018
Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics – Dancin‘ Down Below / The Man With Stars In His Knees 2019
Dee Snider – Tomorrow’s No Concern / For The Love Of Metal 2018
Fantome – Everywherenowhere / It All Makes Sense 2014
Fantomas – Godfather / The Director’s Cut 2001
Hexvessel – Ancient Astronaut / All Tree 2019
Briskeby – The Asphalt Beach / Jeans For Onassis 2000

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