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Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 02.06.2019 + 07.06.2019

18:49 Uhr 02.06.2019 Autor: pruchTB

…have you ever been desperate? Of course, you have. Next time you are, make sure to get tickets for DESPERATE JOURNALIST, a most wonderful band from London who presented their unique vision of wave and post-punk at a sold-out show at club Merlin in Stuttgart in May 2019. A lovely trigger to play another song from their new album „In Search Of The Miraculous“ on air a few days later. And along came a couple of other brand-new releases like the fifth album „Five“ by the great 80-ish pop-wave wonder WHITE LIES, DRAB MAJESTY’s heralding single „Ellipsis“ for their upcoming album „Modern Mirror“, MINUIT MACHINE’s shiny new longplayer „Infrarouge“ as well as „Dernier Voyage“, the gruesomely cold wave of an album by Montréal’s LA MÉCANIQUE, or naturally, Porl King’s somewhat strange resurrection of 90’s goth rock legend ROSETTA STONE from the MISERYLAB it’s been hiding in since…like forever. Speaking of the latest fin du siècle, we’re so happy that ARNAUD LAZLAUD has reappeared with his invisible friends back from 1999 and that NEW MODEL ARMY struck a „Devil’s Bargain“ not too long after POLICE DES MOEURS gave us one last chance, getting right under the „Skin“ that Belgium’s astonishingly WHISPERING SONS so masterfully tattooed on their album „Image“. Well, we enjoyed this one very much…

Desperate Journalist @ Merlin, Stuttgart, Germany 2019-05-2

Desperate Journalist @ Merlin, Stuttgart, Germany 2019-05-21


Playlist 02.06.2019 // rr: 07.06.2019

Arnaud Lazlaud – Les Invisibles / Apéritif De Luxe 1999
Rosetta Stone – Dark Times / Seems like Forever 2019
Drab Majesty – Ellipsis / Modern Mirror 2019
White Lies – Jo? / Five 2019
New Model Army – Devil’s Bargain / Between Blood And Wine 2014
Desperate Journalist – Black Net / In Search Of the Miraculous 2019
Whispering Sons – Skin / Image 2018
Minuit Machine – DRGS / infrarouge 2019
La Mécanique – Isolation / Dernier Voyage 2019
Police Des Moeurs – Dernière Chance / Police Des Moeurs 2013

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