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Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 02.06.2019

17:10 Uhr 02.06.2019 Autor: pruchTB

…sumer time, festival time, punk’n’roll’n’rock time… inspired by the merveilleuses DECIBELLES and their show at Lecko Mio Festival in Stuttgart on June 1, here comes a sponteanous interview with Fanny, Sabrina et Guillaume plus a couple of songs from their latest album „Rock Francais“, recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago. So we couldn’t help but play a groovy SHELLAC tune, too, of course, since both bands are also playing a couple of shows in France these days. We’re also looking forward to seeing Darlington’s IN EVIL HOUR, Belgian BRUTUS or (and!) THE GHOST WOLVES live on tour. To catch BAD RELIGION or JOAN JETT on stage, you’ll have to cross the ocean this year, VICE SQUAD will play some UK gigs, no idea about FAITH NO MORE, Australia’s THE MIS-MADE played Stuttgart last August, well, but be sure to check out Ract Festival on June 7&8 in Tübingen with Stuttgart’s ELECTRIC LOVE rocking the middle stage on Friday, June 7. Rock on!

The DECIBELLES live @ Lecko Mio Festival in Stuttgart on June 1, 2019

Playlist 02.06.2019 // rr: 07.06.2019

Bad Religion – The End Of History / Age Of Unreason 2019
Vice Squad – Resurrection / Resurrection EP 1981
In Evil Hour – Binding Ropes / Lights Down 2017
Decibelles – Qu’est-ce t’as / Rock Francais 2019
Decibelles – Interview pt. 1
Decibelles – Je Suis Seule / Rock Francais 2019
Decibelles – Interview pt. 2
Decibelles – Mess / Tight 2017
Shellac – Surveyor / Dude Incredible 2014
Faith No More – Spirit / Introduce Yourself 1987
Brutus – Baby Seal / Burst 2017
The Ghost Wolves – Strychnine in my Lemonade / Texa$ Platinum 2017
Joan Jett – I Love Playing With Fire / Album 1983
Electric Love – Young And Free / Heroine 2015
The Mis-Made – Ice / Changeling 2017

>> Wanna listen to the show? Do it now — it’s on our mother radio WÜSTE WELLE’s server until June 9, 2019.

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