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Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 03.11.2019

20:37 Uhr 03.11.2019 Autor: pruchTB

…imagine a concert started with the words „there is no rest for the wicked ones“… how would it end? Not at all, if we’d had our say, celebrating NEW MODEL ARMY at LKA Stuttgart last week. Amongst a beautiful pick of classics from their master pieces „Thunder And Consolation“, „Impurity“, „The Love Of Hopeless Causes“ and others, they brought several pounding songs from their impressive new album „From Here“ to the stage, so we gave the title track another go in our show today. Hope you enjoyed it along with the other chosen few of this week. Btw. try and catch NMA live asap and scream them back on stage as often as you can; they are worth every second.

New Model Army @ LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart 2019-10-26

New Model Army @ LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany 2019-10-26

Playlist 03.11.2019 // rr: 08.11.2019

Killer Barbies – I Can Hide / Dressed To Kiss 1995
Rome Is Not A Town – Blood And Secrets / Careful like You Cared 2017
Decibelles – Noyée dans l’océan / Rock Francais 2019
New Model Army – From Here / From Here 2019
White Lies – The Price Of Love / To Lose My Life 2009 > LIVE: 15.11. Dornbirn, Austria, Conrad Sohm, 10 years „To Lose My Life“
Dragonforce – Heart Demolition / Extreme Power Metal 2019
Powerwolf – Kiss Of The Cobra King (New Version) / 2019
Grave Pleasures – There Are Powers At Work In This World / Motherblood 2017
Turbonegro – The Rock And Roll Machine Suite Part II: Well Hello + Part III: RockNRoll Machine / RockNRoll Machine 2018

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