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Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 09.02.2020

18:48 Uhr 09.02.2020 Autor: pruchTB

…und tiefer ging die Reise ins Meer des Lebens. Der Ozean ist in uns allen. In vielen Formen. Und zu viel von uns ist im Ozean.


…and deeper went the journey into the sea of life. The ocean is in all of us. In many forms. And too much of us is in the ocean.

Photo by Dustan Woodhouse on Unsplash

Playlist 09.02.2020 // rr: 14.02.2020

The Myriad Form – The Ocean Deep / The Myriad Form 2007
The Mission – Hands Across The Ocean / Grains Of Sand 1990
The Snake Corps – More Than The Ocean / Smother Earth 1990
Frank The Baptist ?– Sea legs on a train / As The Camp Burns 2015
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – The Ocean At Night / Sleeping Tapes For Some Girls
Bat For Lashes – Deep Sea Diver / The Haunted Man 2012
The Living Gods Of Haiti – The Hunt The Harvest The Sea / Bone Dry 2016
Justin Sullivan – Ocean Rising / Navigating By The Stars 2003
Desperate Journalist – Ocean Wave / Desperate Journalist 2019
Soft Kill – Sea Of Doubt / An Open Door 2011
Ash Code – Challenging The Sea / Posthuman 2016
Swans – The Golden Boy That Was Swallowed by The Sea / Love Of Life 1992

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