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Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 03.06.2018

11:22 Uhr 04.06.2018 Autor: pruchTB

…meanwhile, on the murky side of music…

I want to go home | In this asylum I cry for you | I want to go home | Look what you’ve put me through

Playlist 03.06.2018 // rr: 07.06.2018

Ghost Dance – Walk In My Shadow / Stop the World (Deluxe) 2013
Autobahn – Suicide Saturday / Dissemble 2015
And Also The Trees – The Suffering Of The Stream / The Millpond Years 1988
Fields Of The Nephilim – Vet For The Insane / Dawnrazor 198
The Sisters Of Mercy – Some Kind Of Stranger / First And Last And Always 198
Slowdive – Catch The Breeze / Just For A Day 1991
Principe Valente – She Never Returned / Choirs of Blessed Youth 2014
Desperate Journalist – Vengeance / Happening 7″ 2014
Farewell Dear Ghost – Fire / We Colour The Night 2014
Kas Product – Never Come Back / Try Out 1982
Box And The Twins – Ice Machine / Everywhere I Go Is Silence 2016
Minuit Machine – Sabotage / Live & Destroy 2014

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 03.06.2018

10:43 Uhr 04.06.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Hello. And welcome back. And welcome back Doll Skin! As you may remember, we had visited this hardrocking quartet at their show at Stuttgart’s Keller Klub in March of this year, and now, all of the sudden, it is here, the full interview with the four of them! And lots of Doll Skin and related music.

Doll Skin @ Keller Klub, Stuttgart, 07.03.2018


Playlist 03.06.2018 // rr: 07.06.2018

Doll Skin – Daughter / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2017
The Mis-Made – Control / Changeling 2017
Doll Skin – Wring Me Out / In Your Face (Again) 201—
Doll Skin – IV part 1
Doll Skin – Boy Band / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2017
In Evil Hour – As Seas Rise / The World Bleeds Out 201—–
Doll Skin – IV part 2
Doll Skin – Furious Fixation / In Your Face (Again) 201—
Megadeth – Post American World / Dystopia 2016
Doll Skin – IV part 3
Mindless Self Indulgence – Lights Out / If 200—
Doll Skin – Roadkilla / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2017
Doll Skin – IV part 4
Green Day – American Idiot (live) / Bullet In A Bible 2005
Avril Lavigne – Sk8ter Boi / Let Go 20—-
Doll Skin – IV part 5
Doll Skin – Roadkilla / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2017

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 06.05.2018

22:43 Uhr 07.05.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Ah, hello.. it’s nice to see you all here.. Now, as the more perceptive of you’d probably realised by now, this is hell.. and I am the devil, good evening.. ah, but you can call me Toby if you’d like, we try to keep things informal here, as well as infernal.. that’s just a little joke of mine, I tell it every time.. Now!. you’re all here, for… eternity. Ooh!.. which I hardly need to tell you, it’s a heck of a long time.“ (Rowan Atkinson)

Well, after such a warm welcome, let’s get the cold flames burning: Here’s the record from our last show including a little look back to the 9th Dark Spring Festival in Berlin, March 24, featuring Stockholm’s postpoppunk sensation A Projection as well as the most wonderful Whispering Sons.

But first some first impressions to make a good impression (and yes, beware, I’m thinking about becoming a professional photographer some time soon!):

Sweet Ermengarde @ Dark Srping Festival 2018

A Projection @ Dark Spring Festival 2018

Golden Apes @ Dark Spring Festival 2018

Whispering Sons @ Dark Spring Festival 2018

Motorama @ Dark Spring Festival 2018

What do you mean, they all look the same to you? Open your eyes. And your ears. None of them sounded anything like the others. And none looked it. If you don’t believe it, come and see for yourself next time. It’s worth it. A really great (and sold-out!) festival, excellent from line-up to sound to late night DJs. Almost a pity not all of them bands could be part of our latest radio show, but sooner or later, we’re gonna get them all there for you, promise. Instead, there was a wild bunch of whatever came to heart and soul. Or mind. Well, read on, readers, and rejoice…

Playlist 06.05.2018 // rr: 10.05.2018

A Projection – Exit / Exit 2015
Joy Division – Shadowplay / Unknown Pleasures 19
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – See The Fire / Talk About The Weather 1985
Götterdämmerung – Left Hand Rapture / Kin-Burst 9104 2004
Moral – Whispering Sons / Whispering Sons 1982
Whispering Sons – Performance (B Remix) / 2017
Depeche Mode – So Much Love / Spirit 2017
Aleah – Water And Wine / Demo Master 2007
Sinead O Connor – I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got / I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got 1990
Chelsea Wolfe – Grey Days (Demo) / Hypnos / Flame 2016
Frustration – No Place / Empires Of Shame 2016

Alas, but wait! There’s nother promising event only five minutes from today: Frustration + Xeno & Oaklander @ Komma Esslingen; May 8th. Be there, be square, beware!

[No German version available]

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 06.05.2018

22:00 Uhr 07.05.2018 Autor: pruchTB

[Deutsche Version drunter]

The time is now. And afterwards, of course. And she was before. But that’s all right too. Or it was. Or I guess it will be. We’ll check later, OK? Well. Where were we? HAL? Hel? Hell? Hm. No connection. Or no one there. All right. Let’s just get on with the program. Looking back. Rickshaw. Can rickshaws reverse?

So, big names and names that should be or don’t want to be. Well, we just once again rattled in the record box and dusted off some old rattles: from the Wipers to Bad Religion, from Alice to Udo and, hey, just Accept it, the Primitives. Sorry, sometimes it must be such a hit. Especially when it goes so well with Jennie Vee. And flocculates as loosely as Pennywise. More strenuous, but all the more committed to it Gnod with the biggest album title 2017 and A Place to Bury Strangers‚ Oliver with new material and Lia in a duet. Devildriver’s Dez with a little country feeling, but it roars quite well in combination with Heaven Shall Burn. Yes, war is shit.

Do not forget the next cool concert in Motortowningen: The Ramonas will play with the Psychords at Goldmarks, Stuttgart, on 10.05.; sometime soon that may be the day after tomorrow (depending on when you read this, of course).

And don’t forget the Doll Skin special: In the next TRÜMMERBRUCH show coming to you with our Doll Skin interview and all kinds of Doll Skin songs from the young ladies from Scorpionia aka Phoenix, Arizona. And thanks to excellent visualist Kelly from Vixen Visuals (many thanks again!), here’s a little taste from their Stuttgart show on March 7, 2018:

Doll Skin @ Keller Klub, Stuttgart, 07.03.2018

Nicole Rich @ Keller Klub, Stuttgart, 07.03.2018

Sydney Dolezal @ Keller Klub, Stuttgart, 07.03.2018

That’s it for me, from here you can read on yourself:

[English version above]

Die Zeit ist jetzt. Nachher natürlich auch. Und vorher war sie auch schon. Aber das ist so schon auch in Ordnung. Oder war es. Beziehungsweise wird es das wohl sein. Wir schauen nachher mal nach, OK? Naja. Wo waren wir? HAL? Hel? Hm. Keine Verbindung. Oder keiner da. Na gut. Machen wir einfach weiter im Programm. Mit der Rückschau. Rikscha. Können Rikschas rückwärts fahren?

Also, große Namen und welche, die es noch werden sollten oder gar nicht werden wollen. Na, wir haben halt mal wieder in der Plattenkiste gerappelt und ein paar alte Rasseln entstaubt: von den Wipers zu Bad Religion, von Alice zu Udo und, hey, den Primitives. Sorry, manchmal muss auch mal so ein Hit sein. Besonders, wenn er so gut zu Jennie Vee passt. Und so locker flockt wie Pennywise. Anstrengender, aber umso engagierter dafür Gnod mit dem großbuchstabigsten Albumtitel 2017 und A Place to Bury Strangers Oliver mit neuem Material und Lia im Duett. Devildrivers Dez mit ein wenig wenig Country-Feeling, dafür brüllt es sich ganz gut im Verbund mit Heaven Shall Burn. Ja, Krieg ist K****.

Veranstaltungshinweis nicht vergessen: Die Ramonas spielen auf mit den Psychords im Goldmarks, Stuttgart, am 10.05., sprich demnächst dann übermorgen (je nachdem, wann Ihr das hier lest, natürlich).

Und: Das Doll SkinSpecial nicht vergessen: Im nächsten TRÜMMERBRUCH mit Doll Skin-Interview und allerlei Doll Skin-Songs von den jungen Damen aus Skorpionionen aka Phoenix, Arizona. Dank der wunderbaren Fotojägerin Kelly von Vixen Visuals oben schon mal ein Vorgeschmack bzw. Nachgeschmack vom Dollskin-Konzert am 7. März im Stuttgarter Keller Klub.

So ab hier könnt Ihr dann selber weiterlesen:

Playlist 06.05.2018 // rr: 10.05.2018

Wipers – Now Is The Time / Over The Edge 1982
The Bones – No No Never Never / Screwed Blued & Tattooed 2002
A Place To Bury Strangers – There’s Only One Of Us / Pinned 2018
Accept – Helldriver / Accept 1979
Alice Cooper – Dynamite Road / Paranormal 2017
Jennie Vee – Wicked / Spying
The Primitives – Crash / 1988
Devildriver – Country Heroes / 2018
Heaven Shall Burn – Bring The War Home / Wanderer 2016
Ramonas – Zombie Crawl / You Asked For It 2016
Psychords – No Refund / Save My Sanity 2017
Doll Skin – Baby’s Breath / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2017
Bad Religion – Marked / Stranger Than Fiction 1994

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 11.03.2018

09:50 Uhr 18.03.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Good afternoon… gentlemen. My instructor was Mr. Langley… and he taught me to sing a song. If you’d like to hear it I can sing it for you. You just have to surrender…


Playlist 11.03.2018 // rr: 16.03.2018

Nicole Sabouné – I Surrender / 2013
The Veil – Twist / Surrender 2016
XMal Deutschland – Kaempfen / Fetisch 1983
Belgrado – Palac Kultury / Siglo XXI 2013
Lucie Cries – Le Madrigal De L’Elfe / Semper Ad Alta 1994
Corpus Delicti – Staring / Twilight 1993
Anechoic Chamber – Liles / V.A. Transmission Continued
IAMX – Break The Chain / Alive In New Light 2018
Zola Jesus – I Can’t Stand / Stridulum II 2010
Linea Aspera – Preservation Bias / Linea Aspera 2012
Silent Age – Wall Of Faces / DEMO 2016
For Against – Svengali / December 1988
Soror Dolorosa – Exodus / No More Heroes 2013

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 11.03.2018

09:47 Uhr 18.03.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Good morning. I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. So here are the latest playlists featuring quite a few brandnew tracks from old heroes and young heroines. Enjoy while you can.


Playlist 11.03.2018 // rr: 16.03.2018

Turbonegro – Part III: Well Hello / Rocknroll Machine 2018
Doll Skin – Roadkilla / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2018
Besserbitch – Hate Anthem / Pretenders & Liars 2016
Goodbye Fairground – Look up Hannah / I Started With the Best Intentions 2013
Audrey Horne – Audrevolution / Blackout 2018
Fliehende Stürme – An Den Ufern / An Den Ufern 2012
…But Alive – Selbstmitleid Sells / Hallo Endorphin 1999
Editors – Halleluja (So Low) / Violence 2018
London Grammar – Non Believer / Truth Is A Beautiful Thing 2017
Ministry – We’re Tired Of It / AmeriKKKant 2018
W.A.S.P. – the Invisible Boy / Re-Idolized 2018
The Baboon Show – Hit The Floor / Radio Rebelde 2018
You Say Party! We Say Die! – Like I Give A Care / Lose All Time 2007
Turbowolf – Blackhole / The Free Life 2018
Burning Lady – A Bull On Fire / The Human Condition 2016

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 25.02.2018

20:24 Uhr 25.02.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Playlist 25.02.2018 // rr: 01.03.2018

Drab Majesty – Introduction & Dot In The Sky / The Demonstration 2017
Whispering Sons – Strange Identities / Performance/StrangeIdentities (7″) 2016
Motorama – Alps / Alps 2013
Interpol – My Desire / El Pintor 2014
A Projection – Hands / Framework 2017
Sextile – Visions Of You / A Thousand Hands 2015
The Wraith – Comatic Romance / Shadow Flag – EP 2017
Joy Disaster – Black Flag / Broken Promises 2013
The Foreign Resort – Lost My Way (2012) / Scattered & Buried 2012
The Sisters Of Mercy – On The Wire / Walk Away (7″) 1984
A Place to Bury Strangers – Alone / Worship 2012
(DOLCH) – Das Auge / I & II 2015

Live Tipp:

Dark Spring 2018 / Motorama / Whispering Sons / A Projection / Sweet Ermengarde / Golden Apes
24. März um 18:00 bis 25. März um 5:00
Bi Nuu, Berlin


Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 25.02.2018

20:20 Uhr 25.02.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Playlist 25.02.2018 // rr: 01.03.2018

In Evil Hour – Ascension / Built On Our Backs 2015
D.A.D. – Ill Will / No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims 1989
Kamera Obscura – Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls / The Final Cut 2018
Doll Skin – Puncha Nazi / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2017
The Svetlanas – Go F*ck You Self / Naked Horse Rider 2015
New Model Army – Island / Carnival 2005
The Jesus And Mary Chain – The Two Of Us / Damage And Joy 2017
Dirkschneider – Princess Of The Dawn / Live- Back to The Roots – Accepted! 2017
Judas Priest – Firepower / Firepower 2018
Rome Is Not A Town – Ashes / It’s A Dare 2017
Vanishing Life – Forgotten/Forgiven / Exile (7″) 2016
Argyle Goolsby – Your Enemy’s Best Friend / Saturnalia Of The Accused 2016

Live Tipps:

Mittwoch 07.03.2018 Keller Klub Stuttgart

Sonntag, 01.04.2018 · 20:30 Uhr Goldmark’s Stuttgart

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 31.12.2017

13:42 Uhr 01.01.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Another leitmotif, unfortunately not exclusively to that past year: post. Everything is called post something these days while actually everything is and is not at the same time. Instead, being back was back again in 2017. Or at least someone’s was; for all we know back from Gehenna. Sadly enough, that would be the nicest way to put it. Anyway, the sequel in its many forms has spoiled 2017 in so many ways, with reinforced isms like styl-, rac-, national-, fanat-, and all other sorts of extrem- and stupidism releasing myriad episodes of bad old mojo disguised as the new shit. As have moviemakers and tv-show writers, of course, plus musicians, and those practioners of the other arts and technologies, despite some well intended and ill received efforts here and there, ok, granted. Not all was rubbish, some will say. How sad would that be. Speaking of sad, still so many seem to be looking for a life to loose, trying out this old school and that new church, but who’s there to stand and deliver? Oh, yes, I forgot about her, sorry. Who her? Well, that’s a secret I might share with you if you meet me in that meeting place, you know, this place called nowhere. I’m sure, they’ll also have a nice floor for your sweet dancing butterfly, probably close to that wall of faces you’ll have to face before kissing the ground after dancing in the mirror to escape that comatic romance at the hotel roma. Any other questions, comments, coming outs? Well, evil comes in many forms. Your secret’s safe with me. Enough of the negativity. 1918 is back. What do you cry for?

Playlist 31.12.2017 // rr: 05.01.2018

Fields Of The Nephilim – The Sequel / Dawnrazor 1987
The Bolshoi – Looking For A Life To Lose / Friends 1986
The Lords Of The New Church – New Church / The Lords Of The New Church 1982
Adam & The Ants – Stand and Deliver / Prince Charming 1981
Nouvelle Phénomène – Secret / Glory Of Romance 2013
Indians In Moscow – Meeting Place / Indians In Moscow 1984
Box And The Twins – This Place Called Nowhere / Everywhere I Go Is Silence 2016
Der Himmel Über Berlin – Sweet Dancing Butterfly / 2012
Silent Age – Wall Of Faces / Demo2016
Drab Majesty – Kissing The Ground / The Demonstration 2017
Burning Gates – Dancing In The Mirror / Shadows Of The Past : A Retrospective 1995-2001 2015
The Wraith – Comatic Romance / Shadow Flag – EP 2017
Varsovie – Hotel Roma / L’Heure Et La Trajectoire 2014

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 31.12.2017

13:40 Uhr 01.01.2018 Autor: pruchTB

Everybody does it, did it, didn’t you? So do you feel the need for yet another retrospective? Naa, I don’t. There’s enough confusion and frustration in modern times already, so we’d rather help you breakin‘ outta hell, all you metalpunkpostgothwaveindie blokes outta there. Too down under for you? You wish you were anywhere but here? Well, just ask your daughter. She’ll speak up, take revenge, and she’ll surely show the world what love is on a hell night. But wait, that’s no reason to become a murderer. That would be the end for you and all your friends. So this ends here, ok? Don’t be stupid. The death drive will only lead to panic. So don’t. Panic.

Playlist 31.12.2017 // rr: 05.01.2018

Sum 41 – Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times / Underclass Hero 2007
Airbourne – Breakin‘ Outta Hell / Breakin‘ Outta Hell 2016
Black Aces – Anywhere But Here / Anywhere But Here 2017
Doll Skin – Daughter / Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2017
The Ramonas – Speak Up / You Asked For It 2016
Lustkillers – Revenge / That Which Does Not Kill Us… 2012
Dead Boys – What Love Is / Young Loud and Snotty 1977
FKÜ – Hell Night / Hell Night 2017
Helloween – Murderer / Walls of Jericho 1987
Alice Cooper – You And All Your Friends / Paranormal 2017
Audrey Horne – This Ends Here / Youngblood 2013
Rome Is Not A Town – Stupid / 2015
FUR – The Death Drive / Closing the Loop 2017
Anathema – Panic / A Fine Day To Exit 2001

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