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Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 02.06.2019 + 07.06.2019

18:49 Uhr 02.06.2019 Autor: pruchTB

…have you ever been desperate? Of course, you have. Next time you are, make sure to get tickets for DESPERATE JOURNALIST, a most wonderful band from London who presented their unique vision of wave and post-punk at a sold-out show at club Merlin in Stuttgart in May 2019. A lovely trigger to play another song from their new album „In Search Of The Miraculous“ on air a few days later. And along came a couple of other brand-new releases like the fifth album „Five“ by the great 80-ish pop-wave wonder WHITE LIES, DRAB MAJESTY’s heralding single „Ellipsis“ for their upcoming album „Modern Mirror“, MINUIT MACHINE’s shiny new longplayer „Infrarouge“ as well as „Dernier Voyage“, the gruesomely cold wave of an album by Montréal’s LA MÉCANIQUE, or naturally, Porl King’s somewhat strange resurrection of 90’s goth rock legend ROSETTA STONE from the MISERYLAB it’s been hiding in since…like forever. Speaking of the latest fin du siècle, we’re so happy that ARNAUD LAZLAUD has reappeared with his invisible friends back from 1999 and that NEW MODEL ARMY struck a „Devil’s Bargain“ not too long after POLICE DES MOEURS gave us one last chance, getting right under the „Skin“ that Belgium’s astonishingly WHISPERING SONS so masterfully tattooed on their album „Image“. Well, we enjoyed this one very much…

Desperate Journalist @ Merlin, Stuttgart, Germany 2019-05-2

Desperate Journalist @ Merlin, Stuttgart, Germany 2019-05-21


Playlist 02.06.2019 // rr: 07.06.2019

Arnaud Lazlaud – Les Invisibles / Apéritif De Luxe 1999
Rosetta Stone – Dark Times / Seems like Forever 2019
Drab Majesty – Ellipsis / Modern Mirror 2019
White Lies – Jo? / Five 2019
New Model Army – Devil’s Bargain / Between Blood And Wine 2014
Desperate Journalist – Black Net / In Search Of the Miraculous 2019
Whispering Sons – Skin / Image 2018
Minuit Machine – DRGS / infrarouge 2019
La Mécanique – Isolation / Dernier Voyage 2019
Police Des Moeurs – Dernière Chance / Police Des Moeurs 2013

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 02.06.2019

17:10 Uhr 02.06.2019 Autor: pruchTB

…sumer time, festival time, punk’n’roll’n’rock time… inspired by the merveilleuses DECIBELLES and their show at Lecko Mio Festival in Stuttgart on June 1, here comes a sponteanous interview with Fanny, Sabrina et Guillaume plus a couple of songs from their latest album „Rock Francais“, recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago. So we couldn’t help but play a groovy SHELLAC tune, too, of course, since both bands are also playing a couple of shows in France these days. We’re also looking forward to seeing Darlington’s IN EVIL HOUR, Belgian BRUTUS or (and!) THE GHOST WOLVES live on tour. To catch BAD RELIGION or JOAN JETT on stage, you’ll have to cross the ocean this year, VICE SQUAD will play some UK gigs, no idea about FAITH NO MORE, Australia’s THE MIS-MADE played Stuttgart last August, well, but be sure to check out Ract Festival on June 7&8 in Tübingen with Stuttgart’s ELECTRIC LOVE rocking the middle stage on Friday, June 7. Rock on!

The DECIBELLES live @ Lecko Mio Festival in Stuttgart on June 1, 2019

Playlist 02.06.2019 // rr: 07.06.2019

Bad Religion – The End Of History / Age Of Unreason 2019
Vice Squad – Resurrection / Resurrection EP 1981
In Evil Hour – Binding Ropes / Lights Down 2017
Decibelles – Qu’est-ce t’as / Rock Francais 2019
Decibelles – Interview pt. 1
Decibelles – Je Suis Seule / Rock Francais 2019
Decibelles – Interview pt. 2
Decibelles – Mess / Tight 2017
Shellac – Surveyor / Dude Incredible 2014
Faith No More – Spirit / Introduce Yourself 1987
Brutus – Baby Seal / Burst 2017
The Ghost Wolves – Strychnine in my Lemonade / Texa$ Platinum 2017
Joan Jett – I Love Playing With Fire / Album 1983
Electric Love – Young And Free / Heroine 2015
The Mis-Made – Ice / Changeling 2017

>> Wanna listen to the show? Do it now — it’s on our mother radio WÜSTE WELLE’s server until June 9, 2019.

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 10.03.2019

17:59 Uhr 10.03.2019 Autor: pruchTB

…on the other side of life there is also quite a lot of things coming alive… so we took the liberty of pointing out some of the newly and lately reanimated… e.g. Then Comes Silence, The Foreign Resort, and Children On Stun @ Dark Spring Festival on March 23 in Berlin, NYC’s Actors coming to Berlin in August, The Primitives adding to the mind-boggling billing of W-Fest in Belgium, Balaam And The Angel celebrating their two groundbreaking albums back to back end of September… one hour is just too short to catch them all… so we dug up some other murky music for you to relax and think about where you want to go to see whom and what…

…check out Duchaump for instance, and his technical brillance creating timeless sights…

…mercy me, Duchaump’s Corolles reminded us of something, sisters, but what was it…


…and here’s the sound of this Sunday…

Playlist 10.03.2019 // rr: 15.03.2019

Grave Pleasures – Mind Intruder / Motherblood 2017
Actors – L’Appel Du Vide / It Will Come To You 2018
A Projection – Dark City / Framework 2017
Soviet Soviet – Endless Beauty / Endless 2016
Then Comes Silence – The Rest Will Follow / Blood 2018
Ulterior – Sister Speed / Wild In Wildlife 2011
The Exploding Boy – I Am Truth / The Black Album 2015
The Primitives – Shadow / Lovely 1988
Nicole Sabouné – Lifetime / Mimam 2015
Siouxsie And The Banshees – I Could Be Again / Face To Face 7″ 1992
Balaam And the Angel – I Love The Things You Do To Me / 1987
The Foreign Resort – Quiet Again / New Frontiers 2014
Children On Stun – Cats Or Devils Eyes / Tourniquets Of Love Desire 1994

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 10.03.2019

16:59 Uhr 10.03.2019 Autor: pruchTB

…another week of strange sounds and sights… …some new, some old, some so 80s, some missed live on tour, others coming up… well, at least make sure to catch Brutus in April/May.. oh, and The Kut will stop by in Stuttgart, close to radio home…

…speaking of Stuttgart, we took an interesting trip to the depths of modern art thanks to Staatsgalerie Stuttgart…

I want to believe… well, or go to Stuttgart Staatsgalerie once in a while to visit the very room Duchaump’s anti-art of art was displayed until March 10…

…an unlisted alien object at Stuttgart’s Duchaump exhibition… looks authentic enough to me, but he didn’t sign it, so it may not be art after all… or is it?


…and now back to music…

Playlist 10.03.2019 // rr: 15.03.2019

The Kut – I’m Vain / 2019
Krashkarma – Don’t Give War A Chance / 2018
Black Label Society – Bored Too Tears / Sonic Brew 1999
Valley Of The Sun – Hearts Aflame / The Saying Of the Seers 2011
Brutus – Horde / Major / Bye Julia (Triptych EP) 2015
Esben And The Witch – Darkness – I Too Am Here / Nowhere 2018
Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics – Dancin‘ Down Below / The Man With Stars In His Knees 2019
Dee Snider – Tomorrow’s No Concern / For The Love Of Metal 2018
Fantome – Everywherenowhere / It All Makes Sense 2014
Fantomas – Godfather / The Director’s Cut 2001
Hexvessel – Ancient Astronaut / All Tree 2019
Briskeby – The Asphalt Beach / Jeans For Onassis 2000

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 04.11.2018

16:59 Uhr 04.11.2018 Autor: pruchTB

…what a world… „Nothing’s ever simple anymore. I’m constantly trying to work it out. Who to love or hate. Who to trust. It’s just, like, the more I know, the more confused I get.“ …confusion, frustration, tragedy, crisis, street justice, cities in shock, culling cops out of control, the living and the dead both rotting away, ghosts haunting at suppertime… it seems like Satan’s home…

…city Z…

playlist 04.11.2018 // rr: 08.11.2018

Death Valley Girls – Street Justice / Darkness Reigns 2018
The Amorettes – Let The Neighbour Call The Cops / White Hot Heat 2016
Jesse To Stark – Rot Away / 2018
All About Eve – Suppertime / Gunfire & Pianos 1985
The Veil – Love In A Dying World / Surrender 2016
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Shockwave City / Wasteland
Black Moth – The Articulate Dead / 2011
Editors – My Life As A Ghost / In This Light And On This Evening 2009
Chelsea Wolfe – The Culling / Hiss Spun 2017
Kontrolle – Stadt / 2018
Love A – Nichts Ist Leicht / Nichts ist Neu 2017
Wipers – Tragedy / Is This Real? 1979
Frustration – Midlife Crisis / 7″ 2010
The Pink Slips – Satan’s Home / Trigger 2018

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 09.09.2018

17:57 Uhr 09.09.2018 Autor: pruchTB


…man is so infinitely small… …music is so infinitely great…

Playlist 09.09.2018 // rr: 14.09.2018

Long Night – Sorrow Returns / Sorrow Returns 2016
The House Of Usher – Between Here And Hereafter / Roaring Silence – At The End Of The World – 2018
The Eden House – 12th Night / Songs For the Broken Ones 2017
Sweet Ermengarde – Ex Oblivione & Into Oblivion & From Beyond (Sleep Is Better Than Prayer) / Ex Oblivione 2016
Fields Of the Nephilim – Intro (Dead but Dreaming) & For Her Light & At The Gates Of Silent Memory & (Paradise Regained) (live) / Earth Inferno 1991
Whispering Sons – Waste / Image 2018

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 09.09.2018

16:59 Uhr 09.09.2018 Autor: pruchTB

…rock on…a couple of big old ones…with old stuff and new tricks sounding like the good ole stuff…and a few wild young ones…rocking the cradle…

…rock bottom…

Playlist 09.09.2018 // rr: 14.09.2018

Nim Vind – War Of The Worlds / Saturday Night Seance Songs 2014
Black Mirrors – Günther Kimmich / Look Into The Black Mirror 2018
Spiders – Watch Out / Why Don’t You 2017
Sum 41 – So Long Goodbye / Underclass Hero 2007
Sum 41 – King Of Contradiction / Underclass Hero 2007
Bad Religion – Social Suicide / The Empire Strikes First 2004
U.D.O. – Tongue Reaper / Steelfactory 2018
Accept – T.V. War / Russian Roulette 1986
Arch Enemy – War Eternal / War Eternal 2014
Doro – All For Metal / Forever Warriors, Forever United 2018
Amyl & The Sniffers – 70’s Street Munchies / Big Attraction & Giddy Up 2018
Ramones – She’s The One / Road to Ruin 1978

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 29.07.2018

17:59 Uhr 29.07.2018 Autor: pruchTB

…yet, there is this brooding sad side of summer songs that may save you from the light…

Requiem At Sundown 2018

playlist 29.07.2018 // rr: 02.08.2018

The Twilight Sad – That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy / Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters 2014
Rosetta Stone – Summer / Foundation Stones 1993
The Sisters Of Mercy – Summer / Visions At The Forum 1998
Decay – Summerrain / V.A. The Second Wave 2016
Lament – Last Dance Of Summer / Last Dance of Summer 2003
The Cure – The Last Day Of Summer / Bloodflowers 2000
New Model Army – Summer Moors / Between Wine And Blood 2014
The Raveonettes – Noisy Summer / Chain Gang Of Love 2003
Ceremony – Nothing In The Sun / Ceremony 2005
Bauhaus – Endless Summer Of The Damned / Go Away White 2008
Ghoultown – Requiem At Sundown / Bury Them Deep 2006
The Raveonettes – Summer Moon / Raven In The Grave 2011
Lydia Lunch – Summer Of My Disconnect / A Fistful Of Desert Blues 2014

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 29.07.2018

16:59 Uhr 29.07.2018 Autor: pruchTB

…more summer feeling on the savage waves of Radio Wüste Welle… …enough for a deep and droning summer depression… …and it didn’t really help to listen to Kraftwerk performing @ Stuttgart’s Jazz Open Festival a week or so ago… looking forward to winter kisses…

Kraftwerk playing @Jazz Open 2018, Stuttgart

playlist 29.07.2018 // rr: 02.08.2018

The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer / 1979
Attica Rage – All Summer Long / 2016
Jan & Dean – She’s My Summer Girl / Jan & Dean 1967
Type O Negative – Summer Girl (Alternative Version) / 1993
The Answer – The Last Days Of Summer / Raise A Little Hell 2015
Vivaldi / Herbert von Karajan / Anne Sophie Mutter & Wiener Philharmoniker ?– Le Quattro Stagioni / The Four Seasons / Die Vier Jahreszeiten – Concerto N.2 In Sol Minore, RV.315 „L’Estate“: L’Orage (Presto) 1984
The Vandals – Summer Lovin‘ / Fear Of A Punk Planet 1991
Violators – Summer Of 81 / 1982
The Barracudas – Summer Fun / Drop Out With The Barracudas 1980
Satanic Surfers – The Sing-Along Summer Song / Unconciously Confident 2002
Elvis Depressedly – Die In The Summertime / Goner 2011
Elvis Presley – Summer Kisses Winter Tears / Elvis For Everyone! 1965

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 01.07.2018

17:59 Uhr 01.07.2018 Autor: pruchTB

…the summer, the sun… …yes, the prodigal sun had returned… …we didn’t know yet, what kind of a summer this would become, but, skydancing as we were, we already knew, we were too close to the sun… god, damn the sun, take my sunshine away, and hand me my sunglasses at night… thanks.

…in the shadow of the sun…

01.07.2018 // rr: 05.07.2018

Therapy? – You Are My Sunshine / Troublegum 1994
New Model Army – Too Close To the Sun / Carnival 2005
The Snake Corps – Sky In Your Eyes / Smother Earth 1990
Swans – God Damn the Sun / The Burning World 1989
Love Like Blood – In The Shadow Of The Sun / An Irony Of Fate 1992
Black Angels – Prodigal Sun / Passover 2006
Ceremony – The Summer The Sun / Distance 2013
Ulterior – Skydancing / The Bleach Room 2013
A Place to Bury Strangers – The Falling Sun / A Place to Bury Strangers 2007
The Foreign Resort – Skyline/Decay / The American Dream 2015
Lebanon Hanover – Hollow Sky / Besides The Abyss 2015
Corey Hart – Sunglasses At Night / 7″ 1983

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