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16:44 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…and we’re getting closer…

playlist 16.06.2013 // 18.06.2013

Accept – I’m a rebel
Dirtbox Disco – rocknrolla
The Brains – rolling down
Bring Me The Horizon – crooked young
August Burns Red – spirit breaker
Papa Roach – silence is the enemy
Filter – this finger’s for you
Therapy? – nobody here but us
New Model Army – bad old world
Philip H. ANselmo And The Illegals – bedridden


playlist 16.06.2013 // 18.06.2013

Snakedance – fall from grace
Vanity – ghosts
Ulterior – bodyhammer
A Place To Bury Strangers – and I’m up
Nine Inch Nails – came back haunted
Skinny Puppy – solvent
Adult. – tonight we fall
Chvrches – lies
Francis International Airport – the right ones
Sweet Ermengarde – a promise to fulfill
Adoration – sense


16:32 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…and it goes on…

playlist 24.02.2013 // rr: 26.02.2013

Nothington – to hold on
Psychopunch – you’re totally mistaken (Album: Smakk Valley 2013)
Fights And Fires – tread water
Substance D – this devil inside
Substance D – everyday
Overkill – what I’m missing
L’Endevi – an eternity
The Cranberries – zombie
Nitrogods – zombietrain
Russkaja – tanzi tanzi (album: energia!)
Satan Takes A Holiday – karma boy (album: who do you voodoo)
Bullet For My Valentine – temper temper
Long Distance Calling – inside the flood (Album: the flood inside)

playlist 24.02.2013 // rr: 26.02.2013

A Ring Of Thorns – out of nowhere (antecedent cut)
IAMX – i come with knives
Mesh – born to lie
Hurts – the road
Veil Veill Vanish – anthem for a doomed youth
The Foreign Resort – buried
Roxy Epoxy And The Rebound – I know I know
White Noise Sound – blood
A Place To Bury Strangers – worship
Indochine – black page
The Silence Industry – the colour of heaven


16:15 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…time to recap and wrap up what we played a long time ago…

…this was the day of the fall — everything just kept falling in place or to pieces after we took a look at the time…

playlist 13.01.13 // rr: 15.01.13

Blouse – time travel
Ms Mr – time of my life
Coma Divine – praise the fallen
Devildriver – the axe shall fall
Soulfly – rise of the fallen
Demented Are Go – falling up
Tiger Army – as the cold rain falls
Trivium – built to fall
Filter – to catch a falling knife
Ministry – freefall
August Burns Red – boys of fall
Times Of Grace – fall from grace

playlist 13.01.13 // rr: 15.01.13

Carcrash International – fall
The Last Cry – falling away
Dream Affair – until the fall
Passion Play – falling upward
Belisha – the fall of the evergreen
Joy Disaster – falling angel
The Lost Rivers – fall
Ceremony – stars fall
Ikon – fall apart
Morbid Poetry – babel falls
Miserylab – before a fall
The Chameleons – don’t fall
A Place To Bury Strangers – the falling sun



13:10 Uhr 29.11.2012 Autor: pruchTB

…our latest deeds will be echoing in our upcoming shows since we might be joining the living dead crowd at a lovely insane event…

…so here is what we did and what will haunt you again next Sunday…

…news from the BAD RELIGION, GUANA BATZ‘ frontstalker HANCOX, PARKWAY DRIVE…

…oldies by PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES and our alltime favourites NEW MODEL ARMY, who’ll be back in concert with their annual x-mas show on 15.12.12 in Cologne… special guests: SLIME…

…even darker and more solemn tunes from FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, DEPECHE MODE, INTERPOL and their unique heirs from all over the world: Portuguese UNI_FORM, Russian MOTORAMA or Turkish shooting stars SHE PAST AWAY, pick what you like… …and have fun with our little musical indiscretion at the end featuring MELANIE PAIN…

playlist 18.11.2012 // rr. 20.11.2012 // rr. 02.12.2012 // rr. 04.12.2012

Bad Religion – fuck you
Peter And The Test Tube Babies – foot full of bullets
The Meteors – a long way down
New Model Army – states radio
Slime – wir geben nicht nach
Ill Nino – letting go
Naibomb – wasting away
The Lost Rivers – serenade
A Place To Bury Strangers – why I can’t cry anymore
Anne Clark – boy racing
Tea Party – lullaby
Parkway Drive – wild eyes
Hancox – Black Door City

playlist 18.11.2012 // rr. 20.11.2012

Linea Aspera – lamanai
Depeche Mode – photographic (demo)
(((s))) – swimming in lava
Skeleton Hands – ravage
She Past Away – kasvetli kutlama
John Maus – quantum leap
Radio DCS – natasha
Uni_Form – walking on the fire line
Motorama – lantern
Interpol – roland
Fields Of The Nephilim – darkcell AD
Asylum – white rider
Melanie Pain – 7 a 8 fois


12:32 Uhr 11.09.2011 Autor: pruchTB

28.08.2011 / rr: 29.08.2011

Misfits – dig up her bones
Bad Religion – avalon
Staind – now
Fear Factory – oxidizer
Devildriver – black soul choir
Kylesa – unknown awareness
High On Fire – death is this communion
Guns Of Moropolis – james
Turbonegro – I got erection (st.pauli edit)
Powerwolf – resurrection by erection
Wolf – whisky psycho hellions
Slayer – screaming from the sky

28.08.2011 / rr: 29.08.2011

Black September – david
Cinemascope – never understand
Carcrash International – fall
Iron Curtain – shadow
Iggy Pop – milk cow blues
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – o children
O Children – malo
Grinderman – worm tamer
Grinderman – worm tamer (A Place To Bury Strangers remix)
A Place To Bury Strangers – I lived my life to stand in the shadow of your heart
A Place To Bury Strangers – I lived my life to stand in the shadow of your heart (Cereal Spiller remix)

Playlist TRAUMATIC DESCENT 08.05.2011

09:38 Uhr 11.05.2011 Autor: pruchTB

Hey there,

am 08.05.2011 gab es den TRÜMMERBRUCH vom 10.04.2011 nochmals in der Wiederholung zuhören, TRAUMATIC DESCENT mit einer noisigen Vorproduktion und dem zweiten Teil unseres Specials rund um die US-NoiseRocker CEREMONY.

playlist 08.05.2011 / rr: 09.05.2011 / rr: 22.05.2011 & 23.05.2011

CEREMONY: Mehr von Paul Baker und John Fedowitz, die es nach ihrer ersten Deutschlandtour vor ein paar Wochen wieder nach Hause geschafft hatten. In der Sendung gab es nochmals einen kurzen Rückblick auf die gemeinsame Zeit mit Oliver Ackermann, mit dem die beiden vor Jahren als SKYWAVE musiziert hatten. Olivers aktuelles Projekt A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS gab es ebenso zu hören wie die erstaunlichen NoiseRocker THE LOST RIVERS, mit denen CEREMONY auf Tour auch im heimischen Balingen Halt machten.

* Special: CEREMONY pt.2
The Mission Veo – the jacket
Ulterior – sex war sex cars sex
A Place To Bury Strangers – ego death
+ Ceremony – interview w/ Paul Baker 3
Skywave – over and over
The Jesus And Mary Chain – everything is alright when you’re down
Ceremony – take you down
The Lost rivers – see me alive
+ Ceremony – interview w/ Paul Baker 4
The Cure – 10:15 saturday night
Interpol – lights
Cut City – like ashes like millions
Editors – french disko
Jeniferever – deception pass
The Empire Hideous – bound to happen
Nouvelle Vague – fade to grey


14:41 Uhr 18.03.2010 Autor: Chris

….Here they are, this week’s heroes and heroines…

playlist 14.03.2010 / rr: 23.03.2010 / rr: 28.03.2010 / rr: 06.04.2010

Black Francis – six legged man
Eight Legs – cloak and dagger
Revolting Cocks – filthy senoritas
The Vision Bleak – the outsider
Aeon Sable – exodus
The Last Shadow Puppets – separate and ever deadly
MGMT – brian eno
High On Fire – snakes for the divine
Paul James Berry – rats tail
A Place To Bury Strangers – smile when you smile
Editors – you don’t know love (caged baby remix)
Richard Cheese – creep

playlist 14.03.2010 / rr: 23.03.2010 / rr: 28.03.2010 / rr: 06.04.2010

Skywave – over and over
Ceremony – forever lost
The Offering – return uncertain
Miserylab – delusion
Ladyhawke – magic
Ciaran Harte – love is strange
Peter Schilling – major tom (völlig losgelöst)
XMal Deutschland – paho
Red Temple Spirits – soft machine
The Wake – silent siren
Theo And The Skyscrapers – jealousy died
Shitdisco – reactor party
White Rose Movement – cruella
New Order – sunshine


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