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Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 07.04.2013

16:40 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…this was a one shot of TB, no TD due to an interfering live transmission from our mother station, so we kept it a little bit darker than usual…

playlist 07.04.13 // rr: 09.04.13

Bikini Kill – new radio
Joy Disaster – whispers
Fliehende Stürme – an einem besseren Tag
Devide – villify
Prong – banishment
Goodbye Fairground – look up hannah
Authority Zero – undivided
Ms Mr – kindred spirits
Spouse – time travel
Daily Bread – allure
She Past Away – kasvetli kutlama
Mesh – this is the time


16:15 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…time to recap and wrap up what we played a long time ago…

…this was the day of the fall — everything just kept falling in place or to pieces after we took a look at the time…

playlist 13.01.13 // rr: 15.01.13

Blouse – time travel
Ms Mr – time of my life
Coma Divine – praise the fallen
Devildriver – the axe shall fall
Soulfly – rise of the fallen
Demented Are Go – falling up
Tiger Army – as the cold rain falls
Trivium – built to fall
Filter – to catch a falling knife
Ministry – freefall
August Burns Red – boys of fall
Times Of Grace – fall from grace

playlist 13.01.13 // rr: 15.01.13

Carcrash International – fall
The Last Cry – falling away
Dream Affair – until the fall
Passion Play – falling upward
Belisha – the fall of the evergreen
Joy Disaster – falling angel
The Lost Rivers – fall
Ceremony – stars fall
Ikon – fall apart
Morbid Poetry – babel falls
Miserylab – before a fall
The Chameleons – don’t fall
A Place To Bury Strangers – the falling sun



12:38 Uhr 29.06.2012 Autor: pruchTB

Hi there,

ever wondered what a devildriver is? Well, those who can read and search may already know, but all of you will be pretty awesomely surprised to find THE devildriver himself aka Dez Fafara co-hosting one of our next shows. We recorded it last Monday just before he and his band DEVILDRIVER played Stuttgart’s LKA Longhorn along with AUGUST BURNS RED et al., and we’ll bring it to you in about two weeks time. Watch out for further news!

Here we have the kings of groove metal celebrating their new label deal with Napalm records.

Before we go deeper into the devilish pit, here are the playlists from our last show, which you can listen to again this Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. CET and again on Tuesday 4 to 6 a.m. CET on free radio Wüste Welle, 96.6 MHZ in and around Tübingen and Reutlingen, and via our live-stream.

playlist 17.06.12 // rr: 18.06.12 & 01.07.12 & 03.07.12

The Horrorpops – kiss kiss kill kill
The Lost Prophets – a song for where I’m from
AFI – the missing frame
Blaqk Audio – bliss
Mesh – needle in a bruise
Atreyu – doomsday
August Burns Red – internal cannon
Devildriver – shitlist
Heaven Shall Burn – black tears
Niowt – puzzled
Santigold – disparate youth

With all these evil, harsh, and poppy sounds, don’t forget the ooky sounds of darkness & despair and definitely check out the new albums by the Swedish goth rock BROTHERHOOD and amazing AMANDA PALMER

…and, of course, the other haunting sirens on our…

playlist 17.06.12 // rr: 18.06.12 & 01.07.12 & 03.07.12

Brotherhood – shame
Motorama – lantern
Joy Disaster – artemis
The Wars – succubus
Amanda Palmer – do it with a rockstar
Dresden Dolls – half jack
Bat For Lashes – siren song
Nosferatu – siren
Kiss The Blade – head and heart
Brotherhood – lost
The Mission – tower of strenght

shudders & screams,


09:56 Uhr 23.05.2012 Autor: pruchTB

Gerade ums Eck nach Stuttgart kamen die Herren von AGENT SIDE GRINDER auf ihrer Tour zum aktuellen Album „Hardware“.

playlist 22.04.12 // rr: 23.04.2012

Joy Disaster – sweetie monkey
Lostprophets – better off dead
Death By Stereo – please go to heaven now
Accept – against the world
U.D.O. – scream killers (remix)
Accept – son of a bitch
Powerwolf – son of a wolf
Misfits – fiend without a face
Danzig – rebel spirits
Off! – i got news for you
DZ Deathrays – cops capacity
Megadeth – public enemy no.1
Alice Cooper – disco bloodbath boogie fever
Spinnerette – all babes are wolves

playlist 22.04.12 // rr: 23.04.2012

Swans – god loves america
The Neon Judgement – awful day
Modern English – just a thought
Agent Side Grinder – die to live
Agent Side Grinder – bring it back
Tones On Tail – go!
Motormark – hold your tongue
Depeche Mode – stories of old
Michael Cretu – data-alpha-4
Appareil – nightvision
Kiss The Blade – little reality gone again
Ikon – afterlife
Michael Cretu – goldene jahre


11:47 Uhr 24.02.2012 Autor: pruchTB

Hey ho, better late than ever. Or was it never? Oh hell, oh well, whatever… dug up the long forgotten playlists starting with the last one from 2011, featuring some nice and some ugly cover versions on Trümmerbruch… enjoy!

playlist 20.11.11 / rr: 21.11.11

Misfits – runaway
Johnny Cash – (ghost) riders in the sky (Stan Jones 1949)
The Meteors – rawhide (Ned Washington (lyrics), Dimitri Tiomkin (composition) in 1958. originally recorded by Frankie Laine)
Machine Head – message in a bottle (The Police)
Spineshank – while my guitar gently weeps (George Harrison, The Beatles)
Ministry – what a wonderful world (Bob Thiele (as George Douglas) and George David Weiss. First recorded by Louis Armstrong and released as a single in 1968)
Type O Negative – angry inch
Apoptygma Berzerk – fade to black (Metallica)
Julien K. – kick the bass
Devildriver – holier than thou (Metallica)
Guns And Roses – knocking on heaven’s door

playlist 20.11.11 / rr: 21.11.11

Girls Under Glass – when I think about you
Adult – skinlike (equation mix)
Sylvester Boy – monsters rule this world
Ladytron – playgirl
Bone Orchard – I’m boned
Danielle Dax – cat house
Joy Disaster – sweetie monkey
Meridian – revelations in black
Nosferatu – witching hour
Autumn – a simple truth
White Lies – turn the bells


14:45 Uhr 13.09.2010 Autor: Chris

…yesterday’s gone, tomorrow seems so far away…
…but yesterday’s playlists are tomorrow’s playlists and they’re online today…

playlist 12.09.10 / rr: 14.09.10

Joy Disaster – falling angel
Murderdolls – chapel of blood
Manhole – kiss or kill
The Other – the lovesick mind
Danzig – rebel spirits
Filter – catch a falling knife
30 Seconds To Mars – fallen
Grave Digger – hammer of the scots
Accept – no shelter
Broken Marble – bodycheck
Black Label Society – beneath the tree

playlist 12.09.10 / rr: 14.09.10

The Silence Industry – system1
ChristVs Warhol – fool’s gold
All Gone Dead – a faceless photo
Charles De Goal – identité
OMD – sister mary says
Robyn – dancing on my own
Hurts – condife in me
I Like Trains – sea of regrets
Junius – the time of perfect virtue
Swans – eden prison
Madre Del Vizio – malattia fantasmoagorica

cheers, shudders & screams,

Playlist TRUEMMERBRUCH & TRAUMATIC DESCENT 14.02.10 & 16.02.10

14:40 Uhr 26.02.2010 Autor: Chris

playlist 14.02.10 / rr 16.02.10

Deadline – what’s going on?
Ramones – zero zero u.f.o
The Cult – dirty little rock star
Cop Shoot Cop – any day now
Spineshank – while my guitar gently weeps
Melissa Auf Der Maur – out of our minds
Kittie – die my darling
The Sounds – lost in love
Dukes Of Windsor – in the wild
METAL MANIAC: Metallica – battery
Soulfly – eye for an eye
Fear Factory – final exit

playlist 14.02.10 / rr. 16.02.10

Ceremony – you never stay
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – the bossa nova squad
Round Robin – i’m the wolfman
The Last Shadow Puppets – the age of the understatement
The Deep Eynde – the haunting
Dorcel – black human cells
Joy Disaster – inside
Tricky – lovecats
Muse – undisclosed desires
Julien K – maestro
Pink Turns Blue – let go
The Wars – sequence
New Model Army – you weren’t there
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – girl from acapulco

Playlist TRÜMMERBRUCH 31.01.10

14:39 Uhr 26.02.2010 Autor: Chris

playlist 31.01.2010 rr 02.02.2010

Deadline – what’s going on
Nemas – united
Nemhain – speedqueen
Kiss – russian roullette
Fastway – after midnight
Dommin – one feeling
Joy Disaster – cold sequence
Rob Zombie – sick bubble gum
Devin Townsend Project -supercrush
Genitorturors – revolution
Orbituary – blood to give
Emiliana Torrini – baby blue
The Sounds – midnight sun
The Peacocks – boring


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