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16:15 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…time to recap and wrap up what we played a long time ago…

…this was the day of the fall — everything just kept falling in place or to pieces after we took a look at the time…

playlist 13.01.13 // rr: 15.01.13

Blouse – time travel
Ms Mr – time of my life
Coma Divine – praise the fallen
Devildriver – the axe shall fall
Soulfly – rise of the fallen
Demented Are Go – falling up
Tiger Army – as the cold rain falls
Trivium – built to fall
Filter – to catch a falling knife
Ministry – freefall
August Burns Red – boys of fall
Times Of Grace – fall from grace

playlist 13.01.13 // rr: 15.01.13

Carcrash International – fall
The Last Cry – falling away
Dream Affair – until the fall
Passion Play – falling upward
Belisha – the fall of the evergreen
Joy Disaster – falling angel
The Lost Rivers – fall
Ceremony – stars fall
Ikon – fall apart
Morbid Poetry – babel falls
Miserylab – before a fall
The Chameleons – don’t fall
A Place To Bury Strangers – the falling sun



09:47 Uhr 23.05.2012 Autor: pruchTB

playlist 12.02.12 // rr: 13.02.12

Misfits – all hell breaks loose
Therapy? – living in the shadow of the terrible thing
Supersuckers – the evil powers of rock n roll
Ministry – rehab
Soulfly – legions
Nashville Pussy – speed machine
Courtney Love – I’ll do anything
Type O Negative – I don’t wanna be me
Lacuna Coil – kill the light
Templeton Pek – what are you waiting for
Cerebral Ballzy – anthem
Dominanz – as I shine
Disturbed – guarded
Justin Sullivan & Dave Blomberg – bad old world

playlist 12.02.12 // rr: 13.02.12

The Mission – kingdom come
Hearts Fail – you’re burning everything
The Sound – night versus day
Dark Shadows – dark shadow
Fields Of The Nephilim – wail of sumer
Fields Of The Nephilim – and there will your heart be also
Killing Joke – black moon
For Against – december
Scofferlane – so pretty
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – immigrant song

Punk Papas 1: Marky Ramone im TRÜMMERBRUCH

13:21 Uhr 23.12.2010 Autor: pruchTB

“Hi everybody, this is MARKY RAMONE – You know who I am…”

Und das war er, live in den Räumen des Freien Radios in Tübingen. Und so und anders haben sich uns schon ein paar der Grossen und Kleinen im Rockstar-Biz hingegeben und, öh, also vielmehr zur Musik im TRÜMMERBRUCH angegeben, nö auch nich, ihren Namen und mehr… aber Ihr wisst schon, was ich meine…

In unserem Archiv warten auch noch:
Ministry, Devildriver, Ceremony, White Lies, I Like Trains, Type O Negative, New Model Army, Paul James Berry, Slayer, Gitane Demone, Dreadful Shadows, Love Like Blood, Rockbitch, Celtic Frost / Appollyon Sun, Sepultura, Soulfly, The Almighty, Therapy?, D:A:D, Killer Barbies, Schweisser, Estampie, Notwist, Melvins, No Means No, Ice T / Body Count u.a.


14:41 Uhr 15.04.2010 Autor: Chris

…top 26 best things to do and listen to on a Sunday afternoon:

playlist 11.04.2010 / rr. 20.04.2010

Nim Vind – killing saturday night
The Peacocks – not your man
Scissors For Lefty – next to argyle
You Say Party! We Say Die! – glory
Sons & Daughters – rebel with the ghost
Ministry – deity (live 1990)
Soulfly – jeffrey dahmer
AFI – paper airplanes (makeshift wings)
Twisted Sister – under the blade
Accept – wrong is right
Billy Idol – new future weapon
Sick Of It All – a month of sundays
The Kings Of Nuthin – sick and tired
Mad Sin – shitlist bop

playlist 11.04.2010 / rr. 20.04.2010

Shock Therapy – deliver to me
Vlad Janicek – for eternity
London After Midnight – the black cat
Love Like Blood – kiss & tell
Nosferatu – bombers
The Beauty Of Gemina – rumours
Emerald Park – a higher loss
White Rose Movement – london’s mine
Dreaful Shadows – beyond the maze
Nefilim – zoon (part 3) (wake world)
New Model Army – killing
Nichts – radio

pr. pr.

Playlist TRUEMMERBRUCH & TRAUMATIC DESCENT 14.02.10 & 16.02.10

14:40 Uhr 26.02.2010 Autor: Chris

playlist 14.02.10 / rr 16.02.10

Deadline – what’s going on?
Ramones – zero zero u.f.o
The Cult – dirty little rock star
Cop Shoot Cop – any day now
Spineshank – while my guitar gently weeps
Melissa Auf Der Maur – out of our minds
Kittie – die my darling
The Sounds – lost in love
Dukes Of Windsor – in the wild
METAL MANIAC: Metallica – battery
Soulfly – eye for an eye
Fear Factory – final exit

playlist 14.02.10 / rr. 16.02.10

Ceremony – you never stay
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – the bossa nova squad
Round Robin – i’m the wolfman
The Last Shadow Puppets – the age of the understatement
The Deep Eynde – the haunting
Dorcel – black human cells
Joy Disaster – inside
Tricky – lovecats
Muse – undisclosed desires
Julien K – maestro
Pink Turns Blue – let go
The Wars – sequence
New Model Army – you weren’t there
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – girl from acapulco

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