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16:32 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…and it goes on…

playlist 24.02.2013 // rr: 26.02.2013

Nothington – to hold on
Psychopunch – you’re totally mistaken (Album: Smakk Valley 2013)
Fights And Fires – tread water
Substance D – this devil inside
Substance D – everyday
Overkill – what I’m missing
L’Endevi – an eternity
The Cranberries – zombie
Nitrogods – zombietrain
Russkaja – tanzi tanzi (album: energia!)
Satan Takes A Holiday – karma boy (album: who do you voodoo)
Bullet For My Valentine – temper temper
Long Distance Calling – inside the flood (Album: the flood inside)

playlist 24.02.2013 // rr: 26.02.2013

A Ring Of Thorns – out of nowhere (antecedent cut)
IAMX – i come with knives
Mesh – born to lie
Hurts – the road
Veil Veill Vanish – anthem for a doomed youth
The Foreign Resort – buried
Roxy Epoxy And The Rebound – I know I know
White Noise Sound – blood
A Place To Bury Strangers – worship
Indochine – black page
The Silence Industry – the colour of heaven


09:29 Uhr 26.06.2012 Autor: pruchTB

Hello again,

welcome to another look back on what’s been aired in the last couple of weeks.

We had a few brandnew, breathtaking tunes announcing pretty neat rocking albums: the smashing opener of TO/DIE/FOR’s upcoming „Samsara“, the most hooking PARADISE LOST track so far, plus more news and sounds by PRONG, JOHN5, allfather ALICE COOPER, THE BONES, resurrected German punk legend SLIME, Germany’s horror icons THE OTHER, returning German crossover rockers 4LYN and a close ear to SPINESHANK’s „Anger Denial Acceptance“.

SPINESHANK are back with a healthy portion of anger and a lot of denial, so here’s our acceptance and respect.

playlist 03.06.12 / rr: 04.06.2012

Prong – put myself to sleep
The Other – hell is a place on earth
To Die For – kissing the flames
Paradise Lost – to the darkness
Spineshank – after the end
Spineshank – nothing left for me
4Lyn – my guide
The Bones – burnout boulevard
Slime – sich fügen heißt lügen
John 5 – killafornia
Alice Cooper – run down the devil

Later that day, a couple of goth and punk hints and hits were rather pleasing my mood while others kept announcing the darker festival summer in Germany:

playlist 03.06.2012 / rr: 04.06.2012

The Silence Industry – the limits of an endless sky
Dragons – trust
The Exploding Boy – torn
Ex Voto – falling apart
Corpus Delicti – the awakening
The Merry Thoughts – flow
The Sisters Of Mercy – summer
New Model Army – vengeance (live)
Fields Of the Nephilim – trees come down (live 2008)
Hearts Fail – victims

Playlists TRÜMMERBRUCH & TRAUMATIC DESCENT 13.02. – 27.03.11

12:03 Uhr 13.04.2011 Autor: pruchTB

sorry for the silence… naja, so leise waren wir ja nicht, vor allem mit den Wiederholungen der beiden Interviewspecials zu DEVILDRIVER und den WHITE LIES. Wir hoffen, ihr konntet gut abschädeln bzw. rumwaven. Hier das Update zum Nachlesen:

playlist 13.02.11 / rr: 14.02.11 / rr: 27.02.11 / 28.02.11
playlist 13.03.11 / rr: 14.03.11 / rr: 27.03.11 / 28.03.11

DEVILDRIVER: Sänger Dez Fafara sprach über sein „Beast“ im TRÜMMERBRUCH-Interview

Nichts – blühende landschaften
Ride – chrome waves
Sinead O’Connor – black boys on mopeds
Grip Inc. – lockdown
Samael – shining kingdom
La Grande Sophie – egoiste
Hüsker Dü – don’t wanna know
+ Devildriver – Interview w/ Dez Fafara
Devildriver – shitlist
Devildriver – coldblooded
Devildriver – dead to rights
Heaven Shall Burn – murderers of the murderer
Her Fatal Flaw – dynamics

playlist 13.02.11 / rr: 14.02.11 / rr: 27.02.11 / 28.02.11
playlist 13.03.11 / rr: 14.03.11

WHITE LIES: Songschreiber und Bassist Charles Cave klärte uns über Liebe und andere Rituale auf.

The Silence Industry – empire of obscurity
Fliehende Stürme – an einem besseren tag
Killing Joke – the raven king
+ White Lies – Interview w/ Charles Cave
White Lies – strangers
White Lies – bigger than us
White Lies – death
Frankie Goes To Hollywood feat. Gary Moore – warriors of the wasteland
Zola Jesus – night
Eva O – the killing moon
Stragula –

Playlists TRUEMMERBRUCH & TRAUMATIC DESCENT 05.12. und 19.12.10

14:48 Uhr 19.12.2010 Autor: Chris

playlist 19.12.2010 / rr: 21.12.2010

The Briefs – forty and above
Sons And Daughters – rebel with the ghost
The B52’s – private idaho
Ministry – rehab
Pantera – fucking hostile
Nevermore – sound of silence (2000 Dead Heart In A Dead World)
Heaven Shall Burn – black tears (2008 Iconoclast)
Pretty Maids – future world
Ozzy Osbourne – centre of eternity
Metallica – for whom the bell tolls
Angel Dust – surrender?

playlist 19.12.2010 / rr: 21.12.2010

Shock Therapy – x-mas time again
Robyn – indestructable (accoustic)
Hurts – evelyn
Polarkreis 18 – dark and grey
The Sisters Of Mercy – driven like the snow
The Silence Industry – the colour of heaven (all my love)
O.Children – ruins
Deadbolt – scary voodoo girl
Bert Convy – the monster hop
Zombina And The Skeletones – monster mash
Girls Under Glass – crystals and stones

playlist 05.12.2010 // rr: 07.12.2010

Nichts – die gottesanbeterin
Misfits – speak of the devil
Shadow Reichenstein – wakin the dead
Muse – resistance
Placebo – monster truck
Watain – waters of ain (full length)
Iron Maiden – coming home
Punish Yourself – zmeya
Children Of Bodom – ghostriders in the sky

playlist 05.12.2010 // rr: 07.12.2010

Corpus Delicti – noxious
Was She A Vampire – alone again
Suicide Party – seeing red
Between The Cities Are Stars – all that mad trouble
The Specimen – returning from a journey
Veil Veil Vanish – change in the neon light
The Sound – skeletons
Plastique Noir – phantom in my stereo
Ikon – is this my destiny
Party Day – atoms
Fields Of The Nephilim – she


14:45 Uhr 13.09.2010 Autor: Chris

…yesterday’s gone, tomorrow seems so far away…
…but yesterday’s playlists are tomorrow’s playlists and they’re online today…

playlist 12.09.10 / rr: 14.09.10

Joy Disaster – falling angel
Murderdolls – chapel of blood
Manhole – kiss or kill
The Other – the lovesick mind
Danzig – rebel spirits
Filter – catch a falling knife
30 Seconds To Mars – fallen
Grave Digger – hammer of the scots
Accept – no shelter
Broken Marble – bodycheck
Black Label Society – beneath the tree

playlist 12.09.10 / rr: 14.09.10

The Silence Industry – system1
ChristVs Warhol – fool’s gold
All Gone Dead – a faceless photo
Charles De Goal – identité
OMD – sister mary says
Robyn – dancing on my own
Hurts – condife in me
I Like Trains – sea of regrets
Junius – the time of perfect virtue
Swans – eden prison
Madre Del Vizio – malattia fantasmoagorica

cheers, shudders & screams,

Jetzt einschalten!


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