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16:44 Uhr 06.07.2013 Autor: pruchTB

…and we’re getting closer…

playlist 16.06.2013 // 18.06.2013

Accept – I’m a rebel
Dirtbox Disco – rocknrolla
The Brains – rolling down
Bring Me The Horizon – crooked young
August Burns Red – spirit breaker
Papa Roach – silence is the enemy
Filter – this finger’s for you
Therapy? – nobody here but us
New Model Army – bad old world
Philip H. ANselmo And The Illegals – bedridden


playlist 16.06.2013 // 18.06.2013

Snakedance – fall from grace
Vanity – ghosts
Ulterior – bodyhammer
A Place To Bury Strangers – and I’m up
Nine Inch Nails – came back haunted
Skinny Puppy – solvent
Adult. – tonight we fall
Chvrches – lies
Francis International Airport – the right ones
Sweet Ermengarde – a promise to fulfill
Adoration – sense


12:38 Uhr 29.06.2012 Autor: pruchTB

Hi there,

ever wondered what a devildriver is? Well, those who can read and search may already know, but all of you will be pretty awesomely surprised to find THE devildriver himself aka Dez Fafara co-hosting one of our next shows. We recorded it last Monday just before he and his band DEVILDRIVER played Stuttgart’s LKA Longhorn along with AUGUST BURNS RED et al., and we’ll bring it to you in about two weeks time. Watch out for further news!

Here we have the kings of groove metal celebrating their new label deal with Napalm records.

Before we go deeper into the devilish pit, here are the playlists from our last show, which you can listen to again this Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. CET and again on Tuesday 4 to 6 a.m. CET on free radio Wüste Welle, 96.6 MHZ in and around Tübingen and Reutlingen, and via our live-stream.

playlist 17.06.12 // rr: 18.06.12 & 01.07.12 & 03.07.12

The Horrorpops – kiss kiss kill kill
The Lost Prophets – a song for where I’m from
AFI – the missing frame
Blaqk Audio – bliss
Mesh – needle in a bruise
Atreyu – doomsday
August Burns Red – internal cannon
Devildriver – shitlist
Heaven Shall Burn – black tears
Niowt – puzzled
Santigold – disparate youth

With all these evil, harsh, and poppy sounds, don’t forget the ooky sounds of darkness & despair and definitely check out the new albums by the Swedish goth rock BROTHERHOOD and amazing AMANDA PALMER

…and, of course, the other haunting sirens on our…

playlist 17.06.12 // rr: 18.06.12 & 01.07.12 & 03.07.12

Brotherhood – shame
Motorama – lantern
Joy Disaster – artemis
The Wars – succubus
Amanda Palmer – do it with a rockstar
Dresden Dolls – half jack
Bat For Lashes – siren song
Nosferatu – siren
Kiss The Blade – head and heart
Brotherhood – lost
The Mission – tower of strenght

shudders & screams,


09:22 Uhr 23.05.2012 Autor: pruchTB

Hey there,

for archive’s sake here come the first of a few of this year’s playlists.

playlist 15.01.12 // rr: 16.01.12

Misfits – cold in hell
Fliehende Stürme – alles falsch
Generation X – new order
Nirvana – frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle
New Model Army – far better thing
Judas Priest – out in the cold (live 1987)
Metallica – harvester of sorrow
Rob Zombie – blitzkrieg bop
Ministry – sweet dreams
Timo Maas & Brian Molko – college 84
Archive – fuck U
The Addams Family theme

playlist 15.01.12. // rr: 16.01.12

Dark Shadows – written in the snow
The Deep Eynde – dead alive
Deadbolt – who whacked paully
The Voronas – i love my monsters
Hearts Fail – keepsake (47 whispers)
Winter Severity Index – severity
The Eternal Fall – broken dreams
The Lost Rivers – your looks
Ceremony – never love again
Killing Joke – here comes the singularity
Bondage Fairies – fantasy outfit
EMA – the grey ship


13:18 Uhr 10.11.2011 Autor: pruchTB

Hey ho, listeners,

hier nun eine Übersicht über was wir am vergangenen Sonntag verbrochen haben. An Mikrofon und Musikauswahl war nach langer Radioabsenz und -abstinenz auch wieder Dr. Drümmer zu erleben, der uns das neue Werk der EMIL BULLS, aber auch SMOKE BLOW, EELS und die Metalheroen von IRON MAIDEN näher brachte. Dazu gab’s einen Livenachruf an JENNI ROSTOCK und was uns noch so nicht einfiel.

Unsere Konzerttipps dieses Mal:
16.11. Lydia Lunch & The Big Sexy Noise / Reutlingen, Franz K.
26.11. White Lies / Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
26.11. Machine Head & Devildriver / Ludwigsburg, Arena
27.11. Motörhead / Stuttgart, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
Lydia Lunch live — kommt sie nach Reutlingen auch bewaffnet?

playlist 06.11.2011 / rr: 07.11.2011

Kylesa – scapegopat
Jennifer Rostock – es war nicht alles schlecht
Abwärts – ihr werdet ewig zweiter sein
Smoke Blow – final hands
Emil Bulls – between the devil and the deep blue sea
The B52’s – whammy kiss (live Athens GA)
Boy – little numbers
Machine Head – be still and know
Devildriver – shitlist
Iron Maiden – the alchemist
Eels – dog faced boy

playlist 06.11.2011 / rr: 07.11.2011

Secret Discovery – let me always
Fields Of The Nephilim – vet for the insane
Descendants Of Cain – saviour
Clay People – ghostwishing
Stabbing Westward – darkest days
Ceremony – our last goodbye
Ride – dreams burn down
David Lynch – pinky’s dream
Empress Of Furs – johnny voodoo
Lydia Lunch – this side of nowhere
Florence And The Machine – rabbit heart (raise it up)

Shudders & screams
prof. pruch


17:04 Uhr 28.09.2011 Autor: pruchTB

So here we go… errr… we went with the first part of our interview featuring the master of shock rock and smokey – nah, make that burnt out eyes: ALICE COOPER himself. And what horror – we even played his duet with KESHA, the female adversary in his new nightmare. 36 years after the infamous „Welcome To My Nightmare“, ALICE COOPER and musical partner BOB EZRIN return with another bad bad bad dream journey through lots of musical styles, accompanied by lots of musical friends and guests: KESHA aka ALICE’s she-devil was with us in last Sunday’s show (well, not in person, but you get that, right?), ROB ZOMBIE will porbably join us with his contribution in two weeks. Until then we hope you enjoy what the shockers and rockers have brought you so far.

Poor ALICE is having nightmares again… good he talked about it… to our always understanding narcophil. Prof. Pruch

playlist 25.09.11 / 26.09.11

The Creepshow – hellbound
The Meteros – breaking the law
Nekromantix – what happens in hell stays in hell
Pro Pain – someday bloody someday
Biohazard – reborn
Alice Cooper – the nightmare returns
+ Alice Cooper – interview pt.1.1
Alice Cooper – ghouls gone wild
+ Alice Cooper – interview pt.1.2
Alice Cooper feat. Kesha – what baby wants baby gets
+ Alice Cooper – interview pt.1.3
Alice Cooper – years ago
Mad Sin – psychotic night
Gluecifer – desolate city
Megadeth – black swan

playlist 25.09.11 / 26.09.11

Ikon – fear
Dream Affair – endless days
Red Guitars – dive
The Chameleons – as high as you can go
Scary Bitches – piss all over your grave
Angie Damage – poppa’s a healer
Stereo Total – moustique
Veil Veil Vanish – anthem for a doomed youth
Specimen – returning from a journey
Bondage Fairies – why I didn’t like august
Blessing In Disguise – like purposes
White Lies – strangers
The Mary Onettes – lost


11:35 Uhr 25.09.2011 Autor: pruchTB

playlist 11.09.11 / 11.09.12

Kylesa – scapegoat
New Model Army – wonderful way to go
Course Of Empire – sacrifice
Uncut – stay gold
Blacklist – flight of the demoiselles
Nemhain – love 4 death
Kittie – i’ve failed you
Alice Cooper – what do you want from me?
W.A.S.P. – I wanna be somebody
Machine Head – locust
Spineshank – slavery

playlist 11.09.11 / 11.09.12

Belfegore – all that I wanted
Ulterior – the emptiness we share
Crocodiles – refuse angels
The Primitives – really stupid
The Kills vs Miserylab – the good ones ( mix)
Miserylab – children of the poor
Sensor – off-white trash
Das Kabinette – the cabinet
Circuit 7 – video boys
Goldfrapp – ooh la la
The House Of Usher – how far can we go
Seraphin Twin – rebirth
Darc Entries – he’s gone (intro)


12:32 Uhr 11.09.2011 Autor: pruchTB

28.08.2011 / rr: 29.08.2011

Misfits – dig up her bones
Bad Religion – avalon
Staind – now
Fear Factory – oxidizer
Devildriver – black soul choir
Kylesa – unknown awareness
High On Fire – death is this communion
Guns Of Moropolis – james
Turbonegro – I got erection (st.pauli edit)
Powerwolf – resurrection by erection
Wolf – whisky psycho hellions
Slayer – screaming from the sky

28.08.2011 / rr: 29.08.2011

Black September – david
Cinemascope – never understand
Carcrash International – fall
Iron Curtain – shadow
Iggy Pop – milk cow blues
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – o children
O Children – malo
Grinderman – worm tamer
Grinderman – worm tamer (A Place To Bury Strangers remix)
A Place To Bury Strangers – I lived my life to stand in the shadow of your heart
A Place To Bury Strangers – I lived my life to stand in the shadow of your heart (Cereal Spiller remix)


18:44 Uhr 01.08.2011 Autor: pruchTB

31.07.2011 // rr: 02.08.2011

L.A. Guns – psychopathic eyes
Killing Joke – seeing red
Devildriver – shitlist
Powerwolf – sanctified with dynamite
Heaven Shall Burn – black tears
Reazione – lovely dream
Peter And The Test Tube Babies – youth of today
A Pale Horse Named Death – bath in my blood
In Flames – deliver us
Atari Teenage Riot – blood in my eyes
Mismerizer & Hanin Elias – fake it
Cavalera Conspiracy – target

31.07.2011 // rr: 02.08.2011

Ikon – without shadows
Ghost Dance – where spirits fly
Shock Therapy – pain
Red Crayon Aristocrat Club – painful reminder
The Mission Veo – the jacket
Blue October – the chills
Burn – burn for you
The Mission – serpents kiss
Adoration – closure
Ours – mercy
Neon – red light


14:09 Uhr 09.07.2011 Autor: pruchTB

Keine Interviews, nur News und Olds und Classics und Whathaveyous…

playlist 03.07.11. / rr: 04.07.11

Blitzkid – mr. gore
Architects Of Grace – hot white sun
Ceremony – breaking up
Outcasts – seven deadly sins
Guana Batz – king rat
Crowbar – the cemetary angels
August Burns Red – cutting the ties
Bloodsimple – plunder
Devildriver – you make me sick
The Big Pink – dominos
Glasvegas – the world is yours
slut – cloudy day
Arch Enemy – through the eyes of a raven

playlist 03.07.11. / rr: 04.07.11

Neon – isolation
Pink Turns Blue – your master is calling
Silent Scream – shimmering
Monaco – what do you want from me
New Order – sunrise
Chatshow – shake it down
Ikon – I never wanted you
Project Pitchfork – the refuge
Skinny Puppy – killing game
Psychopomps – god’s gift to woman (awf**k, wrong song.. next time then…)
Nine Inch Nails – the day the world went away



13:52 Uhr 20.06.2011 Autor: pruchTB

Während sich junge Wilde auf dem Southside-Festival im Matsch wälzten, haben wir am Sonntagnachmittag größtenteils alte Säcke auf den Laser gelegt und mit jüngeren auf bessere Tage gehofft. Der Sonne hat’s anscheinend gefallen…

playlist 19.06.11 / rr: 20.06.11

Face To Face – it’s all about you / Laugh Now, Laugh Later 2011
Bad Religion – wrong way kids / The Dissent Of Man 2010
Buzzcocks – I don’t mind / A Different Compilation 2011
Peter And The Test Tube Babies – my unlucky day / A Foot Full of Bullets 2005
Venera – better day
Accept – beat the bastards / Blood Of The Nations 2010
Exploited – beat the bastards / beat the bastards
The Haunted – unseen / Unseen 2011
Misdemeanour – let me know / selftitled 2022
Sator – what you are is what you get / Slammer! 1988
Sator – s.t.s. / under the radar 2011
Twisted Sister – the price / Stay Hungry 1984
U.D.O – fairy tales of victory / Rev Raptor 2011
Rawside – war symbols

playlist 19.06.11 / rr: 20.06.11

She Wants Revenge – little stars / Valleyheart 2011
Bondage Fairies – nv4.dll / Cheap Italian Wine 2008
Mueran Humanos – cosmeticos para cristo
Laura Brannigan – self control
Ulterior – the emptiness we share
Plastique Noir – fugitive dawn
The Last Days Of Jesus – genovy insinier / Once Upon A Time In The East 2011
The Dragons – trust
Skywave – tsunami
The Jesus And Mary Chain – cracking up
Rosetta Stone – something strange
Vendemmian – only as far as the burning grounds
Misfits – walk among us

Shudders & screams

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